Welcome to Southwest Committee of Cecchetti Council of America!

Winter 2020 Teacher Seminar

The Southwest Committee of the Cecchetti Council of America spans Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas providing professional development for teachers and students through workshops, seminars, and master classes.

This particular workshop includes classes in both the Cecchetti Method of Ballet and non-syllabus classes, with the goal of providing tools to help ballet teachers both in and outside of the Cecchetti Method a priority. Syllabus classes include work from the first student levels, through more advanced pre-professional work (Cecchetti Grade I through Intermediate). Non-syllabus classes include Men’s Training, Pointe Work, Pas de Deux and Marking.

While teachers will definitely be moving, several teachers will be marking the work and not dancing, and several will be doing something between marking and full out. All levels of participation are 100% acceptable.

For teacher training and development, the Cecchetti method is excellent about training the teacher to teach students to be professional dancers, not expecting the teachers to dance at a professional level themselves. Whether you decide to pursue this method specifically or not, it does an excellent job at teaching progressions that train the dancer in achievable steps.

We hope to see you there!

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