Zelle Payment Policy

Jun 16, 2024 02:55 AM

I agree and understand that all Zelle payments made specifically for Tuition must be done so prior to 9pm on the 27th of the month in order to avoid autopay on the 28th.

I agree and understand that I must include with every Zelle payment my child's first and last name and exactly what the payment is for. If I fail to include this information my account will not be credited appropriately and I may be double charged.

I agree that any Zelle payments made after the 1st for tuition must include the late payment fee of $20 to be accepted. Otherwise the payment will be declined.

I agree to double check and ask if it is okay to send a Zelle payment for other items that are not tuition to verify if that is the correct form of payment.

I understand that it is my responsibility to follow up if any Zelle payments are not properly noted in my account.

I agree and understand that the correct and only Zelle number is the studio main number 954-469-4945. We are not responsible if you Zelle the other phone number as it is not attached to Zelle.

Competition/Company Fees cannot be sent to this number for Zelle and must be sent through the email as normal.