Terms & Conditions/ Liability Waiver 2019-2020

Mar 31, 2020 11:39 PM

Tuition and Policies 2019-2020

**BSOD honors our clients privacy and will never share, us or distribute our client's information for any purposes outside of BSOD children's dance classes & BSOD Studio Events**

**BSOD offers a Money Back Guarantee for NEW STUDENTS - If you are not fully satisfied with your dance class after the first month of classes, we will refund your Registration and First Month of Tuition. Please contact us within 5 days of your last class of the month to receive your refund**

Dance Tuition Payment Methods & Schedule:
We accept all major credit cards and your credit info is entered into our system by the credit card holder, so no one else can access any of your information. Tuition will be charged via auto-draft on the 1st of each month August 2019 through May 2020.

** Dancers cannot attend classes until there is a valid Credit Card on file to process monthly tuition **

** We will be happy to accept cash and check payments for the Semester in full if you prefer to use check or cash **

** We do not accept cash and check payments on a monthly tuition plan, only Auto-draft **

** Your Tuition will be posted the last week of each month to give families a chance to use PayPal or cash to pay prior to the auto-draft charges on the 1st **

Withdrawal & Refund Policy:
When you register for BSOD dance classes, you register for the entire school year (through May 2020). If for some reason (moving, illness, family issues, etc) you cannot continue with your dance lessons, please let the front office know in writing and we can then drop you from your classes and recur billing.

We require 15 days notice to discontinue recur billing on our side OR if you need to do something last minute, please log in to your Parent Portal and you can drop from the classes on your side and take your card off file.

Studio Policies and Procedures:

1. There is no prorating or credit for classes missed, nor are any refunds given. Make up classes for illness, travel, etc may be arranged with the office and should be scheduled within two weeks of the classes missed. Your 2019-2020 Calendar shows all holidays and dates when the studio will be closed and no classes held. In the event of an emergency school closing the studio will also be closed (Emergency closing information will be available on Facebook and also texted home immediately)

2. If at any point your dance tuition account falls more than 30 days past due, we will need to suspend dance lessons until the account is brought current. In addition, no costumes will be handed out nor will dancers be allowed to perform in any shows, competitions or recitals without a $0 balance on their dance tuition account.

3. Bluffton School of Dance asks that appropriate dance wear be worn to all classes. Failure to wear appropriate dance wear to class could result in students being asked to sit out a class. Repeated failure to wear appropriate dance wear could result in termination of lessons. For safety reasons, dancers are not permitted to wear jewelry and hair must be tied back for ALL dance classes. Warmups must be fitted so that teachers are able to easily view body alignment. All students should wear a cover-up to and from the studio. Dance wear and dance shoes are for the classroom and should not be worn outside.

4. For their health and safety, dancers should arrive for class on time/early in order to take full advantage of the warm-up. Regular attendance is important so dancers can keep up with the pace of class and choreography. In addition, it is important to pickup your dancer on time after class ends.

5. Please keep advised as to the schedule of classes and check the lobby for updates and reminders. It is the responsibility of parents to inform the school of any account, address, telephone number or e-mail changes.

6. Please take care of our new facility. Children are not to be left at the studio unattended and parents are responsible for children in the lobby at all times.

7. Bluffton School of Dance communicates important information via Text, Email, and Handouts. It is the Parent's responsibility to make sure they are receiving the information and making notes of dates, requirements, etc

8. Bluffton School of Dance reserves the right to take pictures and videos of students in classes, rehearsals and performances. These pictures may be used for yearly calendars, slideshows, studio displays, publicity or advertising purposes.


I hereby release, acquit and agree to hold harmless, BLUFFTON SCHOOL OF DANCE, (the studio), its agents, employees, successors, volunteers and assigns, from any liability or claims of any kind whatsoever, resulting or arising from my participation in any programs, classes or any other function otherwise offered or sponsored or participated in by the Studio including, but not limited to, the participation therein by my child. The Studio does not carry any medical insurance for its students or guests. All registrations are non-refundable for any reason.