2019/ 2020 contract

Sep 23, 2020 06:39 PM

Jazzy Bugs 2019/ 2020 Dance Family Contract

*Commitment fee upon sign up is $48 for child 1 and $24 for consecutive children.

*If taking a break, you will pay a new commitment fee upon return.

*Auto Draft is required for all NEW dancers and new classes beginning January 2019

*Drop date is the 14th of every month- no exceptions. Whether you are on auto pay or grandfathered in to pay cash/ check you are required to pay your final month if not dropped by the 14th.

*There is a yearly membership fee on January 1st of every year of $48 for child 1 & $24 for subsequent children.

*For dancers who joined prior to 2019- If you are late more than 1 time without communication, you will be required to join auto draft and/ or pay for 3 months at a time without discount to continue.

*There is a $10 late fee posted on the 22nd. This will not be waived.

*Siblings may not be on the dance floor, or be a disruption to our classes at any time. If your child is disrupting class please go outside or to the car. Every family has invested equally in class and deserves a respectful learning environment.

*We have 3,4, and 5-week months due to holidays. Your year averages out to 4 classes a month. We will not refund for taking holidays off as we will also not charge extra for 5-week months.

*Do not enter more than 10 minutes early.

*Always bring water for your child. Water bottles are available for $1 a piece.

*In the event of severe weather or emergency we will cancel up to 2 classes per year. We will offer make up times in classes where we have openings for appropriate age groups. No refunds will be given for circumstances beyond our control.

*Always come to us for all concerns no matter how small. Our goal is to make Jazzy Bugs a family of mutual respect and love at all times. We value your opinions!

*You may make up an absence in another age appropriate class time when space is available. If you are interested, just ask. Space is limited.