Enrolment Waiver

Jun 01, 2020 09:20 AM

Please present yourself clean and presentable. This means wearing the correct uniform attire, footwear and hair is clean and pulled back off your face. Our colours at United Dance are teal, pink and black. If you do not have a uniform, please wear appropriate/comfortable clothing/gym wear to lessons.
• Undertaking any Dance and/or Fitness classes can involve risk of personal injury. While United Dance takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, workshops, personal training/private classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the studio or representing the studio in public events.  Each Individual and/or Parent/Guardian is responsible for ensuring that they are physically and medically fit for the class and during the class and must at all times take care of their own personal safety.
In Case of physical injury or medical emergency, I hereby authorise United Dance to make necessary arrangements to transport me or my child to a medical treatment facility as necessary. All such transportation and medical treatment will be at my sole cost and expense.
• No dangerous jewelry is to be worn to class e.g. dangly earrings or belly rings, or bulky bracelets etc.
• Your bags MUST be taken into the studio with you. NO items are to be left in the waiting area.
• Mobile phones must be turned off before class starts.
• No responsibility will be taken for lost or stolen items whilst you are at UNITED DANCE. Please do not bring valuables to class with you unless necessary.
• Gossiping WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. There will be no gossiping about your team/another team, coaches/staff or students. If you have an issue please contact Maddi Price directly to discuss the matter.
• As United Dance is a family friendly environment we uphold our zero tolerance to bullying including cyber bullying and we proud to be a BULLY FREE ZONE! Any students, or parents found in violation of our bully free policy will face disciplinary action and/or studio exclusion.
• Any questions that have to be answered should be asked directly to the principal, teacher or administrator. All account and administrative enquiries must be in writing.
• Please always be on time, whether this be to class, extra rehearsals or competitions/events. It can become very stressful to your team mates and staff if you are late. ALWAYS arrive 10 minutes prior to your class starting. It is the parent/carer's responsibility to ensure you are familiar with the studio's opening hours and to ensure your child is picked up from the studio at the correct time. If you are more than 10 minutes late (studio's closing hour) picking up your child without contacting your teacher/principal/administration, you will incur a late pick up fee of $15.
• Under no circumstance is the following acceptable: consumption of alcohol or drugs when at United dance, at events, at competitions or representing United Dance in public.
• United Dance is a SMOKE FREE ZONE. If you wish to smoke please do so at least 100m away from our facility or in the back car park behind the studio. You are responsible for all safe disposal of cigarette butts and fines may be imposed if not done so.
• Swearing or abusive behaviour will NOT BE TOLERATED at United Dance or when representing your studio in public.
• Positive reinforcement and encouragement is highly focused on at United Dance to ensure each student gets the most out of their learning.
• UNITED DANCE students, families, friends and teachers will show good sportsmanship at all times, whether this is within the studio walls or in public.
• Do not post any negative comments, slander or nasty words on any of UNITED DANCE’s social media pages ie. Facebook, Instagram, Website etc. This negativity is also not allowed on other studios, teachers or dancers social media pages. If you have any issues please email Maddi Price directly and she will happily discuss the matter with you. Social Media by UNITED DANCE is for posting and receiving information.
• Please feel free to ask any questions, give praise or communicate with the studio, however it is not a place to voice your concerns publicly.
I grant permission to United Dance to use photographs or Video Footage of students for use in studio publications including but not limited to brochures, newsletters, magazines, display boards, web sites or any other electronic forms or media.
• We expect all students to be in class 100% of the time.
• If you or your child is unwell or injured, we encourage they still attend class to observe and write down important information regarding notices, choreography, studio events etc.
• Absences must be given in writing via email directly to United Dance or via text message to Maddi Price.
• We do understand that you may have commitments from time to time, but we ask that you give us as much notice as possible but no less than 2 weeks in advance.
• We will ask that you put United Dance first and foremost.
I understand that my account will stay active until i formally withdraw from United Dance via email to the studio principal/director.
other additional/extra sessions may be arranged by United Dance (for whatever reason) these classes may involve additional costs and will be compulsory. There classes with still require to be paid for regardless of attendance.
I understand and agree to changes in a program if insufficient numbers of students or teachers are present. This will result in combining classes and/or cancelling a class.
• WEEKLY & FORTNIGHTLY PAYMENTS- Tuition is to be paid via weekly or fortnightly direct debit. There will be no term invoices or cash payments accepted for tuition. Direct debit fees are as follows: One off set up fee of $2.20 per family. 1.98% Visa/Mastercard transaction. If your transaction fails, it will be re-submitted for a transaction the following day at no extra charge. If the re-submitted transaction fails you will incur a $8.80 (from United Dance) and a $4.40 administration fee from our direct debit provider. These are non-refundable. Direct debit forms must be completed and returned to be able to commence classes. Parents/carers must advise our accounts manager via email of their preferred direct debit date and frequency at the time of submitting their direct debit application. If no preference is given in writing, your direct debit will be scheduled at our discrepancy.
• Overdue invoices will incur a weekly late fee of $5 after notice of arrears. Overdue costume invoices will incur a further 10% (of total invoice cost) late fee after notice of arrears.
• Overdue tuition after 14 days will result in non participation of classes until paid in full.
I understand Concert Costume Deposits are to be paid during Term 1 & 2. Once the deposit is paid and costumes are ordered they must be paid for in full regardless if student discontinues before the concert. If student decides to discontinue and not be a part of the concert, and costumes have not yet been purchased, you are entitled to a 50% refund of costume deposits paid.
I understand the person signing this Waiver and Registration Form is responsible for payment of all fees and receiving all correspondence. Parents/Guardians of United Dance  Students living separately must have only one person responsible for the payment of fees and receipt of correspondence. I understand if further action needs to be taken to collect payment, the person responsible for all payments will be charged and will be responsible for collection and legal fees.
• It is compulsory for all students who are participating in the concert to attend the end of year concert, studio rehearsals, stage & dress rehearsal and photo day.
• Studio rehearsals go for one full week and are compulsory for all students participating in the end of year concert. A minimum of 80% attendance is required.
• Everyone participating in the end of year showcase is billed a $50 family concert rehearsal fee in Term 4.  This fee covers studio rehearsals, stage and dress rehearsal and finale shirt per child.
• If you wish to NOT participate in the concert or if you are unable to attend any rehearsals please notify your teacher or Maddi Price immediately.
• It is our responsibility at Untied dance to provide you with all information possible so that you feel organised and informed of what is happening at United Dance.
• Please check your emails, text messages and our public Facebook page  and our private Facebook group regularly.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understand the provided information and made appropriate attempts at making contact with our staff to help you with any queries and questions that you may have.

In signing this Waiver I acknowledge and represent that I have fully informed myself of the content of the Waiver by reading it before I sign.