Parents As Partners Handbook / Class Quality Control / Studio Policy / Dress Code

Dec 01, 2021 03:31 AM

Enrollment for school season classes requires payment of your annual membership fee ($60 per parental account) and selection of your preferred class day/times. For your convenience, and to secure a space for the following school season, annual membership fees will be automatically renew (at a “member exclusive” discount) and applied to your studio account on April 20, 2021 unless a withdrawal form is completed in the office before that date.

30 Minute Classes $52/month
45 Minute Classes $59/month
60 Minute Classes 

Siblings receive 50% discount on the smaller tuition account for school season classes.
Take 3 classes -receive 10% discount

Take 4 classes -receive 20% discount

Villa West is a progressive, full season school that runs from August thru the following May for each “grade”. When a student enrolls for "school season classes", their place is held in class for the entire VW school year and are committed to attending lessons making monthly tuition installment payments through May 2022.
Tuition rates are for the full season (August-May, including studio holidays), not by the number of classes in the month. A full season of dance includes a minimum of 32 lessons. Tuition fees are paid monthly or annually.
After enrolling (paying your membership fee), monthly tuition (August-May) must be paid via automatic bank account debit (ACH) or automatic credit/debit card payment. Tuition will be debited from your ACH account (or charged to your credit/debit card) on the 1st day of each month (August-May).
Camps, Mini-Mesters, Summer Sessions, & Summer Intensive, etc. are "all inclusive" of a short time period / tuition and due in FULL at time of Camp/Workshop/Intensive/Clinic.

Villa West reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if the regular teacher is ill or is otherwise unable to teach and reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes. Villa West reserves the right to move lessons to a virtual format should it be required for public safety.
Refunds are only issued when VW cancels a class due to low enrollment. Account credit will be issued when the student initiates the schedule change. Credit will be applied to any VW tuition or fees due within one year.

Our primary form of communication is via e-mail, e-newsletters and account statements. Please be sure your e-mail is accurate and you provide an e-mail you frequently use. Another great way to stay informed is to check out our Lobby Displays & Social Media Posts. If you have a question or comment and would like to get in touch with us, please send an email to or leave a voice message at (636)451-3200.

If there is an unforeseen extenuating circumstance (I.e. moving out of state or a serious disability), a 30-day "Membership Withdrawal" form must be filled out and delivered to the studio office. Monthly tuition installments (Auto-Payments) will cease 30 days from the signed and dated withdraw form from the parent or guardian. There is a two month minimum for all lessons.

Proper attire & shoes, keeps students safe and promotes positive self image.
Tiny Two's wear a lavender uniform dress, and pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes.
Pre-K students wear uniform pink leotard and pink or tan convertible/stirrup tights. Ballet & Tap Classes wear our pink leather ballet shoes & tan tap shoes, hair in neat pony tail or bun.
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Classes, in Ballet, Tap, Jazz styles, wear any solid color leotard and pink or tan convertible/stirrup tights, Pink leather ballet shoes, tan tap shoes & tan jazz shoes.
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Acro/Tumble Classes must wear a solid color leotard with pink or tan convertible/stirrup tights. Shirts as cover- ups are not permitted. Fitted gymnastics or jazz shorts may be worn over leotard and tights. Bare feet, hair in neat pony tail or bun. No jewelry permitted.
Hip Hop may wear athletic attire, hair in a neat pony tail, tan jazz shoes or clean athletic shoes not worn outside the studio. We recommend wearing a leotard body suit and form fitting leggings to accommodate floor slides and upside down skills with comfortable coverage.
Guys may wear comfortable athletic clothing (Black bottoms and white top), black ballet, tap, or jazz shoes for dance classes, clean sneakers for Hip Hop, or bare feet for Acro/Tumble.
All other classes wear a black leotard. Pink tights for ballet. No shorts in ballet classes, ballet skirts are permitted. Fitted Jazz shorts or pants for jazz and tap. Appropriate shoes, tights, and hair in a bun. (Pink ballet/pointe shoes, Tan jazz shoes, Black oxford style tap shoes.). Leotard and stirrup or convertible tights for Acro-tumble classes. Hair should be pulled back and away from the face for all classes. Buns are required for Intermediate & Advanced dance classes. Neat pony tails are required for all other classes.

VW provides a consistent and predictable, method of accountability, for instructors to manage students behavior in following Classroom Rules:
1. Listen and follow directions the first time
2. Always do my best
3. Respect for myself, my instructor, my class and my studio

Classrooms Conductive to Learning:
1) Students who do not adhere to the classroom rules should receive one verbal warning to correct their behavior.
2) After the verbal warning, if a student continues to not adhere to the classroom rules, they child be asked to sit down and think about their behavior for a moment ("thinking spot"), and the instructor will then invite them to re-join the class, as long as they follow the classroom rules.
3) If the child does not quietly and thoughtfully remain in their "thinking spot" or they continue to not follow the classroom rules after reuniting with the class; they should be asked to leave the classroom and escorted out to their parent.
By following these guidelines with exactness, parents and students know behavior expectation and management are the same in every class, for every student, among all instructors. The structure and consistency of this policy allows us to support one another as a unified front.

When everyone works together, we can exceed expectations, encourage creativity, contribute to our community, become positive role models, and be More Than Just Great DancingTM.
As a PARENT, I will:
-Know my student's schedule and will make sure that he/she is at classes, rehearsals and performances on time and picked up on time.
-Encourage my child to do his/her best without comparing my child to the progress of others.
-Positively support and represent my student, VW and his/her team in classes, performances, competitions and on social media.
-Bring any concerns or questions that I have directly to the instructor, director via studio email or studio phone only, not by social media or instructor or director cell phone.
-Help my child meet and follow all of the guidelines and agreements set forth in the VW Policies.
-Respect and understand that the decisions of VW staff (in placement and performance ability) are final, are in your child's best interest and in the best interest of the entire team.
-Fully comply with good attendance and understand the no-refund policy.