Policies and Procedures

Mar 27, 2023 11:39 AM

Terms & Conditions

By completing this booking form, you are in agreement to the booking instructions on the registration form, Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy for the Thunderstruck Gym & Studio/DTC Allstars
Registrations are by the completion of the online registration form only.
Bookings or changes will not be accepted by telephone,text or social media. Cancellation of membership and or changes must be sent in writing to the office at info@thunderstruckgymandstudio.com
There is no refund for non-attendance,dismissal or cancellation.
There is no refund on any monies paid including but not limited to: tuition,competitions,costume fees,rentals,merchandise, travel fees,fundraising etc
All accounts must be up to date in order for Athlete or Student to compete,perform or take part in classes or events.
All fees/rates are quoted on the site as a dollar amount however all fee are to be paid in Euro € ( Amount is exact in euro, reg site is set to dollars as standard, there is no conversion rate), all bank transfer fees/charges are the responsibility of the athlete/family.
No booking will be confirmed in full until payment is received in full.
Any refunds that must be processed by bank transfer are subject to a €25 handling fee.
Any cheques that bounce or need to be returned will incur a €25 fee along with any bank charges associated with the transaction.
Participants are requested to have their own travel insurance in place when travelling to any away competition (to cover medical, cancellation and all other risks associated) and are responsible for all travel arrangements including visa applications if required.
The Thunderstruck Gym & Studio/DTC Allstars will not be held liable for any loss or damage of personal items of athletes, families or friends in attendance of classes/events or injury caused at any venue used in connection with the company.
The organisers reserve the right to alter any of the schedule/programme or other arrangements for this season; including cancellation or postponement of a competition/class or event should unforeseen circumstances require it. The organisers accept no responsibility for resulting costs or inconvenience to participants in this case.
All classes are based upon independent learning, parents are not permitted to stay during class.
Thunderstruck Gym & Studio/DTC Allstars do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience or costs due to non-availability of booked accommodation, tours or social events. Alternate arrangements will be made in the event of unavailability, or monies received will be refunded to participants if suitable alternatives cannot be provided.
We may cancel your membership without any prior notice,if any of our team handbook policies or general GYm & Studio policies are not adhered to.
Policies may be amended or updated at any stage throughout the season


Cancellations must be made in writing to the front office info@thunderstruckgymandstudio.com
Thunderstruck Gym & Studio operate a strict NO REFUND policy this includes cancelled registrations.
Failure to pay tuition fees and or production/competition fees on time may result in the cancellation of your registration at DTC/Thunderstruck