Poppys DGD School T&C's

Apr 07, 2020 11:15 AM

Child Protection Laws

Teachers have to adhere strictly to all Child Protection Policies, and we ask that parents do the same. Unfortunately, no photography or filming of any children can be undertaken without strict permission of the
Principal. Please note the consent part of your application form.

There will be times when postural and technical corrections have to be made by physical contact, and this, of course, will be kept to an absolute minimum. However, it is impossible to teach dance without any physical contact, and we would like to make parents aware of this. We also have the issue of taking children to the toilet during the time they are with us, and we again would ask you to sign the appropriate section on the application form. We are not able to take children to the toilet, although the toilet is situated within the teaching area, and we may check on them if we feel they are taking a while. For pre-school lessons parents
who are present must go with their child to the toilet to avoid any disruption to the class.

Shows and Competitions

We put on a shows and displays as regularly as possible and all students really enjoy taking part in what is truly
the highlight of their working year, and a chance to show off their talents!

Students who show above average performance skills, and who attend regularly are given the opportunity to have private tuition for competitive work. There are 3 to 4 competitions and festivals each year, in which they can enter their solo/duet/group items, although this incurs extra expense and travelling.

If your child wants to dance just for fun, we are happy for them to come along and learn new skills. All students are encouraged to reach their own personal goals, and reach their individual potential. Home practice is essential if students want to be successful in reaching their targets. Discipline is expected in the classroom, and a good attitude towards their work, classmates and staff will be expected at all times. You will be notified if we have any worries regarding your child’s behaviour or progress.


Our uniform must be worn for all classes, and is available from myself via mail order and must be worn for class. Please make sure that shoes and jazz pants are fitted correctly as badly fitted items are a danger to the dancer. Students’ hair must be securely tied, and off of their face for class work. You will be instructed regarding hairstyles for examinations and shows. No jewellery may be worn for class, examinations or shows.

We do sell a tracksuit with our school logo on- the bundle includes T-Shirt, Tracksuit bottoms and Hoodie.

Outer garments bearing Poppy’s Dancing guys and Dolls logo are also available by Mail order from our
Personal supplier, including dance trousers, leggings, matching hoodies, and, bags etc. These are also available with personalization.


Payments are accepted by cash in class or standing order only, and are to be received by us no later than 5th of each month. These payments can be set up through your bank, or can be made via internet banking. Your fees are monthly payments, taking into account there is usually 4 lessons per month. Charges of 10% will apply if fees are paid late, after which tuition will be refused. (All debtors will be referred to the Small Claims court.)
No refunds will be given under any circumstances if you do not complete the current month’s tuition. If you choose to leave us, standing payments must be sorted out promptly as it is your bank which pushes the money
to ours and a 10% fee will be deducted for any refunds which occur.


We would be grateful if you could inform us if your child will be absent for any classes or if you want to change your child’s classes. We require one month’s written notice if you no longer require a place at Poppy’s
Dancing Guys and Dolls – this can be via email. We always have a waiting list, and it would assist us greatly if this information comes through the office, so that we can keep the student files up-to-date, and your invoices correct. If any classes are missed due to illness these must also be paid for, if a student is absent for more than two lessons without any notice or contact your child’s place may be lost.


We do not charge a joining fee, and your first week’s tuition is free of charge. This should help in making decisions about your class choices. Once you have filled in your application form, your details will be processed, and you will be sent an invoice at the beginning of each month. On receipt of your email address, all relevant information will be sent to you via email. If you do not have or use email, we will happily print out copies of important information for you. We would prefer to keep this to a minimum, however. You will find all updated information on our website www.poppysdancingguysanddolls.wix.com Newsletters are also sent
out regularly for your information.

Illness or Injury

Teachers need to be told if your child is feeling unwell or has an injury prior to them taking class. On your application form we require details of any relevant medical issues, and if your child is taking medication which they may need to administer themselves. Please be assured that we are always happy to discuss any problems you may have, and would appreciate it if you would make an appointment to see me. Please do not approach
teachers during class time as this disrupts the class and reduces valuable tuition time.

Events and Outings

Everyone is welcome to join in any of our planned events. Please always check on dates for payment, as there is always a deadline date for bookings.

I hope that you enjoy your time with us, and I look forward to helping
you fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.