Once upon a Stage T&C's

Apr 07, 2020 12:40 PM

The show will be on Saturday 7th July 2018. We will have a theatre rehearsal the afternoon before Friday 6th July 2018 4.30pm- 6.30pm.The Show is going to be at –The Quarry Theatre at St Luke's Peter's, 26 St Peters St, Bedford MK40 2NN We are estimating the show will be two and a half hours maximum, although if this changes we will pass this information on.
All classes will be used as rehearsals for the rest of the year. All classes will be working towards performances this Show mainly, although we are hoping to have a few other opportunities to reveal to you during the year. If your dancers dance teacher is not confident in them knowing sections of the dance, they may be off stage for parts of routines; this is most common when a dancer has been absent from class. We will send practise videos home to help dancers. Although if a dancer does not know some or all of a dance we will not risk up setting the dancer and damaging their confidence by allowing them on stage*.The technical rehearsal is on Friday 6th July 4.30-6.30pm this is compulsory for older dancers as all dancers will be shown the theatre and given a tour with health and safety instructions. For our Pre-School dancers this is not necessary although if you want to pop in for them to look round please let me know and we will make sure were expecting you. On the day we will have a dress rehearsal, this is compulsory.

On show day- Saturday 7th July 2018, we are aware it is a long day, and with my experience as a dancer, student choreographer, teacher and now dance school owner it is part of the experience. The dancers strive on a day surrounded by their peers, they will have down time, and we have a great outside space they can use as a safe area to have lunch and play. I do understand parent’s hesitation and concerns about the long day, although I would like to reassure you that the dancers wont even notice. It is the same hours as a school day and they will not be dancing nonstop they will have the ability to watch others, have down time and have a true experience of a working theatre. For our Pre-School parents you may want to return to your child for the break time and therefore stay through until show time. We do ask that you don’t take your dancer from the theatre to ensure they can be ready for the show. Children will be supervised at all times in specific areas by designated adults with appropriate training. We are anticipating the following time schedule Arrival 10.30am Dress rehearsal 11-2pm Break packed food time 2-4pm Show 5-7pm This is likely to change.

To run any show we always need volunteers, below is a list of the types of volunteers we will need please contact me if you or any of your family would like to help-• Ushers• Programme sellers• Backstage Chaperones• Between show chaperones. Due to England’s strict safeguarding rules we will need a number of designated backstage ‘Chaperones’ these volunteers will be asked to take an online course, and submit documentation to have a DBS clearance check.

Tickets will be sold via The Quarry Theatre website booking system, as with any booking system it is a first come first serve basis. Although I am sure we will have more than enough seats for everyone’s family to attend, yet please be aware it is allocated seating and if you book in two or more batches we cannot guarantee you’ll be able to get seats grouped together. Team PoppysDGD is not involved in the ticket sales and it is all processed through The Quarry Theatre booking site. Ticket prices are as follows-Adult £10.00 Concessions £8.00 Children Under 11yrs £5.00 Children Under 3yrs (with a seat) £3.00

As per a survey put out to a randomly selected group of parents there will be a costume charge of £10 per dancer per dance. Each dancer will be able to keep the majority of their costume, some dances will not need to pay this full amount for all dances and you’ll be made aware if this applied to your child. All classes are producing a minimum of three dances per class. This £30 cost will be spread over invoice payments November to May (6months) adding £5 per child, per class to the monthly invoice. If you wish to pay in a one-off payment that will also be accepted, if you wish to pay extra or more per month for a shorter amount of time please discuss this with Poppy LeMar.

Unlike many dance schools we are not asking for an hourly rehearsal fee, a contribution to the theater hire fee, or a show enrollment fee which are all common and very costly. We are only asking for a £3 taking part confirmation payment. Those who pay this will automatically receive a FREE limited edition gift exclusive to paying this fee.*Not following this expectation results in exclusion of the show with no refunds for any financial commitment made prior.