School and Privacy policy

Jun 06, 2020 10:41 AM


Victoria School of Dancing respects the privacy of everyone who attends the School or visits the sites connected with the school. The purpose of this policy is to describe the types of information that we collect from you when you register and explain how we use this information.

Any information that you choose to provide us with about yourself will be held on a secure computer in strict accordance with relevant European Union Data Protection Directives.

Victoria School of Dancing may change this policy at any time in line with legislative changes or changes to the policy of the organisation. Please check our website from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes.

Your personal information
We collect your personal information when you complete a registration form or send an email. This information will include your name and email address plus other relevant information we need when contacting you regarding your child or your invoice. We never publish any image of or anything without clear consent from those concerned. This is why we have our policy regarding this below. (Read the Photography/Social Media Waiver.) We also hold personal information about our staff. This is again used to inform and pay the invoice for work completed. The Teachers will have access to your phone numbers incase of any issue or emergency during class times.

We only collect the required personal information needed to contact you regarding billing, inform you of actions and changes at the school, and keep your child safe.

Who has access to your information?
Only designated, authorised people have access to your personal information, for instance staff. We do not disclose to third party companies without your consent. The exclusions to this would be for example:

When arranging dance exams for the ISTD
Entering a student for a Festival.
Organising the filming, DVD distribution of a School Show with Hudson Pictures.

Can you access the information we hold about you?
You can contact me at any time remove your consent to our use of your personal data, or to review or change the information you have supplied to us. Eg. change of Address or Phone number.

Non-personal information collected during your visit to our website or Dance Studio Pro
Whenever you browse our website, read pages, or download information, the web server automatically records certain information about your visit from the computer or device you use to access our site. This information does not identify you personally. It just tells us how many visitors come to our site and the types of computers they use. With this information, we can improve our site for all our visitors and make it more useful to you. We also have Google Analytics on our site which provides us with very useful (anonymous) information about visitors to our site.

We have implemented technology and policies with the objective of protecting your privacy from unauthorised access and improper use and will update these measures as new technology becomes available.

Third party websites
We cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites, even if you access them using links from our web site, and recommend that you check the policy of each site you visit. In addition, if you linked to our web site from a third party web site, we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies and practices of the owners or operators of that third party web site and recommend that you check the policy of that third party web site and contact its owner or operator if you have any concerns or questions.

Social Media
We operate a closed Private Facebook Page called VSODUK, This is where we can post messages, videos and pictures that are helpful to you and our students. We also have a Public Facebook Page called Victoria School of Dancing. This can be seen by our followers. We use photos from classes as advertising for the school here, If you do not wish your Childs photo to be seen on this page, please inform me or tick the box relating to this on the electronic registration form. We have a twitter account @VSODUK and Instagram

We reserve the right to:
Remove or to edit any Information or materials or block your access at our sole discretion and without notice; and/or
disclose any information as required by law; and/or
take such other action as may be reasonably necessary to prevent any breach of these terms and conditions or any breach of applicable law or regulation.
More questions about privacy?

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about how we protect your personal information and ensure your privacy.


When registering your child there is a signature required from you to give consent for photographs/video to be taken. This could be in class, at a show or event or a competition. These photos are sometimes used on our Facebook page for your viewing of whats been happening in class, or to show others how wonderful our students are. It advertises our school. I always only therefore ever use suitable, appropriate and beautiful shots. If you do not wish your child to be used, please make this clear to me. If at any time a photo has been used that you are unhappy with, make this known to myself and i will take it down immediately.


This is a statement of general policy and arrangements for Victoria School of Dancing. We will actively maintain and promote good health and safety procedures and will:

• Maintain safe and healthy work conditions
• Provide adequate control of the health and safety risks at our school
• Be open to comments and suggestions from our employees, students and their parents on matters relating to health and safety
• Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees and students and make them aware of this policy
• Ensure all employees are capable of doing their tasks, hold any required qualifications, and that they receive adequate training
• Record any harm or injuries that occur in an Accident Book and make changes where required to avoid similar incidents in the future
• Regularly review and update this policy. Alison Forrester has overall responsibility for health and safety, the day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice.

A Health & Safety Law poster is displayed at Somerstown Community Hub – this is a requirement under UK law for anyone who employs others. The law may vary for non-UK countries.

A First Aid box is located at reception. Miss Alison also carries one in her car. An Accident Book is located at reception, Miss Alison also carries one. In the case of an emergency or serious injury, please contact the emergency services on 999.

Our students health and safety when attending dance class is always at the forefront of our minds. We have an annual insurance policy which covers teachers and children when they are participating in class. All the teachers are DBS checked.

We must stress however, that as soon as the children leave their lesson we are no longer responsible for their safety according to our Insurance . We do make sure that parents are there to collect at the door of a Primary class. We keep the students either in the class or in the changing room (studio 5) Studio 5 is not always supervised.

The community centre can be a very busy building. Lots of other activities take place at the same time, people come and go frequently. We are not responsible for them after or between classes we ask you the parents to please collect them on time or if parents are running late to please call or txt to let us know, we can then keep the children in the classroom with us until you arrive.

If somebody new is collecting them i.e Nan, aunty or friend, can you let us know to expect a different Adult.

Finally the stairs can be a hazard at The Hub, please stress to your children not to run in the building and not to go up and down the stairs when not doing it to change class.

Accidents happen. There is a First aider at reception and Miss Alison is qualified also. Please see the Health and Safety waiver.


We want a happy positive environment for our students to learn. Please have students come to class correctly dressed in the uniform required for each class. Tidy dancers show respect and discipline.

Hair in a bun or suitably secured up and out of the way. No hair in pony tails or loose plaits. Students will be sent out side to fix their hair if it is inappropriate for class. Please provide hair pins etc to be kept in their dance bag.

Classes are paid monthly, and are still due if student doesn't attend class, we pay for the hall hire and teacher’s wages.

If you wish to drop a class please give a months notice, it will then be deleted from the next months billing. If you want to change or add classes, please email us.

We don't accept or allow bullying or inappropriate language or behaviour. If this happens, the child will be disciplined appropriately at the time in class and the parent will be informed.