Mar 25, 2023 11:34 AM

We offer a MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT (applies to all family members)
ALL FEES are Non-Refundable, Non-Transferrable, and Not Prorated.
Tuition will automatically be calculated in the student's account.
The regular class rate is $60/month for each weekly class. Tuition is not based on the number of classes in a billing cycle and is not prorated based on the number of weeks in a month.

We offer UNLIMITED CLASSES & CAPPED TUITION to dancers who make our competitive company. Dancers must AUDITION to be part of our talented competitive company. However, dancers who are NEW to the studio, may audition at any time by calling the studio director at 727-407-7533
Classes that include the word "COMPANY" are competitive level and restricted to director's approval.

Each of our dance families has their own account. You are setting-up your new account right now because you are enrolling for classes. Your classes are always shown in your dance account in your parent portal. You may ADD/DROP classes while logged in. Once your account is set-up, you will be able to adjust your schedule as needed. Please note: You will continue to be charged for a class even if you do not attend class. To drop a class and stop any new charges from being posted to your account, you must drop the class before the end of the month. Once tuition is posted for the month, it will not be removed from your account. Should you desire to add a class, just login to your parent portal and register for the new class. You will be charged tuition for the class being added.

We DO NOT charge a costume fee. All of our dancers are provided with a costume to wear for the Spring Showcase. Dancers must supply their own shoes and tights in accordance with the list of required attire on our website. On rare occasions, dancers may be required to purchase a small accessory or undergarment that may be needed with the costume (a nude colored undergarment is one example), but this is rare. Once costumes are selected for a class, you will see a photo of the costume in the parent portal.

Showcase Commitment Fee a.k.a. "Showcase Fee"
All Dancers are required to perform in the the end-of-year Spring Showcase, early in June. The Commitment Fee is $85/class, due on October 1st. If received after October 15th, there is a $15 late fee. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable and is viewed as your commitment to participation for the entire season, which ends with the Spring Showcase in late May or early June. Dancers with outstanding commitment fees will not be included in performances and may be dropped from the class roster on November 1st to make space for students on the waiting list. Students who join after December must pay the Commitment Fee(s) at time of registration. If a dancer drops from a class prior to any performance (for any reason), NO REFUND will be issued.

Parents, Friends, Family, & "the public" are all welcome to come see our students perform in The Nutcracker in December and the Spring Showcase in early June. Tickets are available online approximately 3 months before the performance and are approx. $28-$35 each. Dress Rehearsal (which is MANDATORY and closed to spectators) will be the day before each performance. All Student Accounts MUST be settled prior to dress rehearsal in order to participate. Tickets will be available online through your dance account.

Missing Class / Dropping a Class
To notify the studio that you will miss class due to illness or otherwise, please email us at: or text 727-409-7533. You are also able to mark your child absent in your portal. We understand that schoolwork must come first. If you're sick or just have a lot of homework and cannot attend your class, please just let us know. However, all dancers MUST attend class during the two week period prior to any performance. Competitive Level Company Dancers may not miss more than 4 classes during the dance year. If Company Dancers miss more than four classes, the dancer is required to take (and pay for) a private lesson for each additional absence. Dancers that miss class during the two weeks before a performance (or who fail to attend dress rehearsal) will be prohibited from performing. Good communication with the studio directors is vital if your child needs to miss due to illness or injury during the two weeks before a performance. In some instances, we way be able to make attendance available virtually if there is reason to believe the dancer will be well enough to perform. If you wish to drop a class, you must log into your dance account to do so. In such case, your account will stay open and tuition will continue to be charged for the current calendar month. Uncollected balances will be charged an additional 15% late fee until paid in full and may be turned over to a third party for collections (which may add additional fees). Your classes are always shown in your dance account. To be sure your class schedule is current, just log into your account. You may also ADD classes while logged in. Once your account is set-up, you will be able to adjust your schedule as needed.

RETURNED CHECK FEE $25 charge on all checks returned

A $10 Late Fee is assessed on all accounts that are past due on the 5th of each month. To avoid having to pay late fees, we suggest you opt to have your payments processed automatically through our convenience payment system. Please log into your dance account to set up this option. If a student "abandons" their enrollment and just stops attending class without written cancellation, uncollected balances will be charged an additional 15% late fee until paid in full and may be turned over to a third party for collections (which may add additional fees). Your classes are always shown in your dance account. Please use diligence and honor your commitments.

Register for the After-School Program (which includes Free Pick-up from school), Summer Camps & Summer Classes. Registration Fees & Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Students will be picked up from either Madeira Beach Fundamental, Bauder Elementary, or Seminole Middle School. There is a limited amount of space available, so register early. Call or text the studio director if you have any questions 727-409-7533. Tuition will be adjusted (discounted) after you have enrolled in the program. In this program, dancers do NOT pay for Showcase Fees. Students in our After-School Program do not pay additional for tuition. However, dancer who compete WILL be charged for Team Fees.

All Fees & Tuition is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.