Policy and Waiver

Apr 15, 2024 05:36 PM

**Please note negotiations and discounts on tuition will not be considered, all prices shared are final.

Payment Details:
- Payments need to be made one month prior to the class Start Date.
- All Plans are subjected to a contract for the term of the plan. (plans auto renew)
Eg. 5 months is subject to 5 month contract.
- If you are unsure about your plan, please choose the lowest plan which is 3 months.
- No alterations will be considered for the yearly plan.

- All payment plans auto Renew unless cancelled via a written email to the team prior to their renewal.
Monthly Payments shall be collected the previous month for the following month. eg. for June, payments will be collected May 1st. (payments are considered for 4 weeks = 1 month)
$45 one time registration fee will apply for new registrations and $35 returning student fee shall apply for current students.
(If you wish to take a break between sessions, please ensure to notify the team to hold your spot for the month of return to avoid returning student registration fee,
once spot is held, payment will be charged from the month agreed, no changes shall be made)
Upfront costume payment of $60 min shall be charged when shows are scheduled, deposits shall be returned only end of signed up session. (does not apply for current virtual classes)
Late payment of $25 shall apply for payments delayed by 1 week.

Payment Mode:
Cash ( Failure to pay on time will result in card or bank being charged)
Credit Card / Paypal (additional processing fee)
Bank ACH (additional processing fee)

5. Payments made once shall not be refundable after classes have started
- The Team will share all plan details via notes/email/text, these will be considered as proofs for payment plan approvals and your commitment to them, if you disagree to any, it is the students parents responsibility to notify the team ahead of time.
- any open credits will only be available until 2months since last class for student, after which no refunds or credits shall be applied.
6. Payments for tickets/ competition shall apply accordingly.
7.Access to the class videos for practice will be provided once the tuition payment is made, failure to make the payments(monthly/session wise) on time will result in removal of access to the class videos.
8. Failure to attend a class without prior intimation, will still be billed.

Private class:
Please note:
1. Full balance refund if cancelled 2 weeks in advance.
2. 50% of balance if cancelled 1 day from class date
3. 25% of full payment if cancelled on day of class 
4. No refunds if cancelled within 2 hours before start time.
5. Being late or no shows, still qualifies for class being conducted as our time is blocked for the whole duration discussed.

Trial Class:
1st class is considered as trial class, which is free if you dont continue, but if you do the trial is considered as your first class.
Ages above 6 has a $20 drop in fee.
If you plan to continue immediately the drop in fee shall go towards your tuition
If you decide to start at a later time the full tuition will apply from start date

Performances: (subjected to change due to unforeseeable events and attendance from group)
Session 1 & 2 only - performance in Spring and Summer
2. Session 2 & 3 - performance in Summer and Fall + Bilb's recital
3. Session 1,2,3 - performance in Spring, Summer, Fall + Bilb's recital

> There may or may not be entry fee for outside BILB performances.
> Outside Performances are not mandatory
> BILB Recital is mandatory
> Costume payments will include these performances
> If a child is not able to make it to practices, the child may not be allowed to participate. As the quality of the act will be affected.
> Students enrolling 1 month prior to stage shows will not be eligible for participation without adequate practice or if we feel is not up to the group standards and if allowed will be only in part of the performance.

Costumes provided are not made to perfect size, these are general sizes S, M, L
Prior to each performance the costumes need to be tried and altered yourself if necessary ( BILB will not be responsible for alterations, but shall provide details of alteration expert)
Costume deposit shall apply if:
Damages - torn/ soiled

If costume not returned in the same condition as provided (neatly folded and using the same packing)

Missing items

Delay in returning items
Failure to attend show due to any reason will not result in refund of costume fee as lot of effort goes to managing the costumes.

4. Costume Usage Policy:
- Air dry immediately after usage
- if extreme odors please dry clean/ steam clean before returning (Any professional dry cleaning service)

Competition registration and practice fees shall be additional
Competition costume fee is additional.

Make up Classes/ Practice Classes:

- Failure to attend make up classes does not qualify for a refund.
- Also make up classes are conducted for classes cancelled by us due to emergencies or other unforeseen events and not for students who are unwell /miss classes / inclement weather.
- Parents will be notified through FACEBOOK and at times via email, whichever seems faster at that time. Hence please provide a valid email address and don’t forget to like us on FACEBOOK.
- BILB reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment.
- There shall be additional charge for Practice classes as needed.
- If a child misses more than 6 classes for a session, we may need to assess their ability to perform on stage.

Class Checklist:
> Waterbottles are compulsory for class
> BILB Tshirts are mandatory to each class
> Arrive only 5 mins before school start time
> Do not wait inside class/ corridors/ touch anything in the school as it may be a safety issue
> Parents only drop and pick up option , no waiting option available.

We do not provide sibling discounts
$45 registration for family

Tshirt mandatory to class
$15 each Tshirt fee


Indicated in the space below are any health problems or conditions of which the studio should be aware (such as heart, back, medical, allergy, muscular, pregnancy, diabetes, epilepsy, chemical or neurological condition, special medication, knee/kidney/shoulder problems, etc.). I understand that risk of injury is inherent in any physical activity and I, on behalf of myself and my child, knowingly and voluntarily accept that risk. I, the undersigned, for myself, my heirs, administrators, and executors, hereby waive and release BILB individually and BILB and its staff from any and all claims or damages of any kind arising out of my child’s participation in the exercise and/or dance program of BILB I further certify that the aforementioned student is in proper physical condition to participate in the exercise/dance program and that he/she has been examined by a licensed physician and found to be in proper physical condition to participate in said program .I do hereby consent and agree that BILB has the right to take photographs and video of me/my child/ my family during the dance sessions and they can be used on their websites, ads, flyers, banners or any social networking websites for advertisement purpose. I, the undersigned, do hereby authorize BILB or its designated agents (being teachers or administrators employed by BILB) to obtain medical treatment for my said child in emergency situations where I cannot be reached in time to authorize the treating physician to provide such emergency medical services. I understand that I am responsible for any medical expenses and that the absence of health insurance does not make BILB responsible for payment of medical expenses. This authority includes the power to authorize any and all treatment deemed necessary under the circumstances by a licensed physician.

This power is in essence a power of attorney and shall remain in effect for the entire duration the student is with BILB. ( BEND IT LIKE BOLLYWOOD)

Failure to attend make up classes does not qualify for a refund. Also make up classes are conducted for classes cancelled by us due to emergencies or other unforeseen events and not for students who are unwell and miss classes. Parents will be notified through FACEBOOK and at times via email, whichever seems faster at that time. Hence please provide a valid email address and don’t forget to like us on FACEBOOK. BILB reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment.

- the classes are to be attended consecutively one after the other .Helps you to be consistent in your fitness journey
-if you miss a class you are welcome to make up for it in another location ,but in the same week.
-meaning the missed classes are not transferable to next week.
-wearing suitable socks and shoes and clothing is recommended to prevent any discomfort or injury
-we recommend hydration before ,during (optional ) ,after the workout
-trial class requires $10 drop in .
This is deducted from your fee when you decide to sign up from immediate next class.
-if there is a gap of 1or more classes between your trial class and the actual day you show up to sign up the drop in fee will be considered separately and you would pay the whole amount for the session you sign up
-Please inform your instructor Incase you are unable to attend that day which helps us to be proactive .
- Please renew prior to expiration to avoid $15 registration fee
- You will receive 1 week to renew after which $15 fee applies.
- As an introduction, we haven't applied $15 registration fee to anyone, but going forward after APRIL 22ND 2019 new joiners will apply $15 fee
- If you prefer to hold a spot with us, you could do a $60 yearly registration and join us at any point without any additional fees of $15.

By Accepting the waiver you are agreeing to a contract for the term of the payment plan you have confirmed via email/text.