Studio Policies

Jul 14, 2024 06:47 PM

Est. Jan 31, 2011 / Founder Fatena "Fae" Salfiti

Our mission at Bliss Urban Arts Center is to provide Solano County (and beyond) with high-quality programs to serve our community! We strive to bring people together through dance, theatre, fitness, poetry, and more. We at BUAC are honored to have such artistic educators on our staff and happy to have you join our network of artists and students! We are the official home for:
Bliss Recreational Program Est. Mar. 1, 2004
Bliss Dance Company Est. Feb. 1, 2004

Here are a few studio policies:
1. Please be sure to always respect the space as you would your own home by cleaning up after yourself.
2. Please remember to respect the classes that are going on during your arrival and the time they are scheduled on the floor. Please remain QUIET in the lobby and discrete when going around the class to get to the Small Room or the restrooms. Also, when going through the Small Room to get to the restrooms, treat the class being held in there the same way. Disruptions may lead to being asked to step outside / please silence your phones when entering the studio at all times.
3. Please understand we DO NOT allow any junk food, soda, or energy drinks in the studio at any time, for any reason. We want our students to understand internal health, as well as physical/ mental health, are all important.
4. Please understand GUM CHEWING is 100% PROHIBITED on the dance floor, during any class. No exception is made.
5. Please understand BUAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items, secure your belongings.
6. Bliss Dance Company rehearsals are CLOSED, meaning absolutely no viewers allowed in the rooms during rehearsals.
7. Payments and waivers are always due BEFORE the start of any class.
8. Please understand that BUAC is a safe zone for all walks of life and we will always respect all people. Disrespecting someone based on their religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or any form of bullying will NOT be tolerated.