Elite Dance Project 2024-25 Policies, Procedures, Tuition and Dress Code

Jul 20, 2024 10:55 AM

Please reference all important studio information on our drive linked below.


Welcome to the Elite Dance Project family! We're so excited you're here, and we can't wait to share our love of dance with your student. Please review our policies and ensure your student is aware of our expectations for them. Ensuring all dancers and parents are aware of our rules and regulations will ensure our studio runs smoothly! We're SO excited for Season 7!


Registration fee (one time per season per student): $25
Adult classes: $25 per drop-in per couple OR $80 per month per couple
One Class: $60
Second Class: $50
Additional Classes: $40
Unlimited Weekly Recreational Classes: $175
First Steps Mini Competition: $115
Part Time Competition: $150
Full Time Competition: $225
Family Tuition Cap: $300
Additional Classes for First Steps Minis or Part Time Competition: $15

Boys Dance Free in 2024-25
For each registered female student in a family, one brother (must be from the same sibling set; cousins, friends, etc. not allowed) will be permitted to take one class per week at no charge. The brother will be permitted to take one class, regardless of how many classes the sister is enrolled in. Any additional classes for the brother will start at the first class tuition step of $60 per month.

Tuition is billed per student. For example, if two siblings are each taking one class, they would each pay $120 monthly total, not $110. The additional class discount applies per student, not per family.

Parents have the option to pay the entire season's tuition (ten months) by Friday, September 6th, to receive a 10% discount. This payment is nonrefundable.

Choreography Fees (Competition Students Only)

Solo Fee: $350
Duet/trio Fee: $200
Group Fee: $100

These fees can be paid all at once by Friday, September 6th for a 5% discount, or can be divided into 10 monthly payments added to your monthly tuition.

Payments made online via DanceStudio Pro will incur a small processing fee.

Tuition is due the first Friday of each month. Late payments will incur a 10% nonrefundable late fee. Payments are accepted via card on your DanceStudio-Pro portal, or by cash or check in an envelope left in our secure drop-off lockbox at the front desk.

Monthly tuition is billed consistently each month, regardless of snow days, holidays, or studio closures, and will not be prorated.

New students are entitled to one free trial class prior to registration.

All recreational and competition students are required to participate in our summer recital, typically held between the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June.

Students carrying a balance from the previous month will not be permitted to attend class until the balance is settled.

Bills will be printed and placed at the information desk for students to take home after dance. If there is an outstanding balance, you will receive both an email notification and a physical bill.


All general studio communications will occur via email. Ensure you have a parent portal link upon registration; if not, it indicates we do not have your correct email on file.

Please refrain from texting our teachers or staff personally; direct all comments, questions, or concerns to elitedanceprojectlapeer@yahoo.com.

Our studio phone number is 810-660-7868. While our front desk is not always staffed, leaving a message will ensure a callback within 24 hours.

Please report all absences directly in your parent portal, which is the most effective method for this purpose.

To discuss any specific questions in person with an instructor, please email to schedule a meeting, available in 15-minute increments before or after weekday classes. Phone calls may be scheduled for more flexible times.

Competition parents will receive communications via email and the Band app; please download it following your registration to stay informed.

Dress Code

We will be strictly enforcing the dress code this season. Here are the guidelines:

First Offense: Warning, participation allowed.

Second Offense: Marked absent, observation only.

Third Offense: Dismissal from class until proper attire is obtained.

Specific dress requirements per class/program are detailed below. Note for competition students: Only three unexcused absences are allowed per season; dress code violations are included, so ensure your dancer is prepared for class each day.

Dress Code Requirements by Class/Program

All Students: All black dance wear for all classes and rehearsals, except Minis as noted below.

Mommy and Me: Any color athletic, gymnastics, or dance wear. No shoes, jewelry, or socks.

TapTastic Toddlers: Any color leotard and tights, skirts allowed. Black tap shoes. No jewelry. Hair secured in a bun or ponytail.

Preschool Princess Ballet: Any color leotard and tights, skirts allowed. Pink full sole ballet shoes. No jewelry. Hair secured in a bun or ponytail.

Toddler Tumble: Any color leotard. No skirts, shoes, jewelry, or tights. Hair secured in a bun or ponytail.

Mini Ballet: Black, pink, or white leotard; pink or white tights; pink full sole Capezio ballet shoes. Optional ballet skirts. No jewelry. Hair in a bun.

Mini Acro: Any color dance or gymnastics leotard. Shorts optional. No skirts, tights, jewelry, or shoes. Hair secured back.

Mini Jazz and Lyrical: Any color dance wear. Capezio tan jazz shoes. Hair secured back. Tights optional. No jewelry.

Mini Hip-Hop: Any color dance wear. White indoor tennis shoes. Hair secured back. No jewelry.

Mini Tap: Any color dance wear. Black Capezio slip-on tap shoes. Hair secured back. No jewelry.

ALL POM: Black dance wear. Capezio half sole turneres. Hair secured back. No jewelry. Any finish/brand white poms.

Junior and Teen Tap: Black dance or athletic wear. Tights optional. Black Capezio slip-on tap shoes. No jewelry. Hair secured back.

Junior and Teen Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, pink Capezio split sole ballet shoes. No jewelry. Hair secured in a bun.

Junior and Teen Hip-Hop: Black dance or athletic wear. White indoor tennis shoes. Hair secured back. No jewelry.

Junior and Teen Acro: Black dance or athletic wear. No skirts, tights, or shoes. Hair secured back. No jewelry.

Junior and Teen Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Technique: Black dance or athletic wear. Capezio half-sole turners. No jewelry. Hair secured back.

Pointe: Black leotard, pink tights. Ballet skirts optional. Professionally fitted pink pointe shoes. No jewelry. Hair secured in a bun. Note: Pointe shoes must be replaced every 15-20 hours of wear for safety.

Locker Room Policy

Security: Lockers are provided for competitive dancers. We will assign lockers. Combination locks are required, and combinations must be emailed to the studio.

Labeling: Label all shoes on the inside before bringing them to the studio. Label all belongings such as water bottles, bags etc.

Surveillance: The lobby and locker room areas are under video surveillance for safety. These are public areas with no expectation of privacy.

Changing: Changing of clothes must occur in the restrooms, not in the locker room.

Food and Drink: Consume food and drink in the lobby only. Water is the only beverage allowed in the locker rooms and dance rooms.

Zero Tolerance Policies

Stealing: Immediate dismissal upon the first offense of stealing or unauthorized locker access.

Behavior: We maintain a strict policy against disruptive behavior and enforce immediate corrective measures to ensure a conducive learning environment.

Solicitation: In order to foster a cohesive and supportive community within our studio, solicitation is strictly prohibited. This includes any attempts by parents, guardians, or students to persuade other members of our studio to switch to another dance establishment while they are enrolled with us. Such actions can be divisive and undermine the spirit of camaraderie and team cohesion we strive to build. Violations of this policy may result in expulsion from the studio. We ask that all members respect the integrity of our studio and the commitments of their fellow dancers and families. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding our programs or community, we encourage open and constructive communication directly with our studio management.


Policies applicable only to competition dancers, not recreational students.

Our complete competition regulations and expectations are detailed in our Competition Contract. This document provides an overview of our key policies.


Competition is a season-long commitment that requires dedication from both the dancer and their family for the entire dance year (September to Nationals). Instances where competition students may be transferred to our recreational program, or potentially dismissed from the studio, are rare but necessary if the safety and/or well-being of our staff and fellow students are compromised. Reasons for such decisions include irregular attendance, failure to meet financial obligations, and negative disruptions to our team dynamic by either the dancer or their parent.

First Steps Mini Program

Our First Steps Mini program, designed for dancers aged 5-8 who wish to compete, involves participation in 2 regional competitions each season. Upon advancing, they will attend an additional regional competition and a Nationals event. During their first year, these dancers will only participate in group dances. Starting their second year, they may also compete in solos, duets, and trios.

Dancers in their second or subsequent years may opt to participate in additional studio competitions, including Nationals, competing primarily in their solos, duets, and trios since the entire group may not be in attendance.

First Steps Minis must take an Acro class, a ballet class, and participate in weekly group dance rehearsals.

Part-Time Competition Dancers

Required to take an Acro class, a ballet class, one additional class of their choice, and participate in weekly group dance rehearsals.

Full-Time Competition Dancers

Required to take all classes offered for their level each week and participate in solo, duet, trio, and group dance rehearsals.

Summer and Choreography Schedules

Competition dancers must register for and attend our Summer Intensive and Placement sessions scheduled for August 16-18, as well as Choreography Week from August 26-30.

Competition Attendance

All required competitions, including Nationals, must be attended. First Steps Minis will participate in two regional competitions, while Part-Time and Full-Time team members will attend four regionals and one Nationals. We will also offer three to five optional competition events. If you wish to compete more, research competitions which allow independent entires. You will register for and attend this event without our studio staff. Independent competition entries must be pre-approved by studio staff to avoid conflicts of interest or scheduling issues.

Rehearsal Policy

Friday rehearsals will be canceled during competition weekends, applicable to both optional and required events.

A studio competition staff representative will always be present at competitions two hours prior to the first performance of the day.

Practice Requirements

Students are expected to practice their competition routines at home for at least 15 minutes weekly per routine. This includes reviewing choreography, listening to their music, and addressing corrections provided in class. This independent practice should complement their regular training.

Competition Readiness

Due to tight competition schedules, pre-stage rehearsal time may be limited. Dancers must come prepared, having practiced their routines at home, and use their time at competitions effectively until a teacher can assist them.

Parental Guidelines

Competition parents are asked to limit their time in the studio to drop-offs and pickups to enhance the focus and productivity of the dancers.

Attendance Policy

Competition students are allowed three unexcused absences per season. Excusable absences include illness, family emergencies, mandatory school events, and religious or cultural holidays. Exceeding three unexcused absences may result in transfer to the recreational program to maintain the integrity of our choreography.

Financial Obligations

Competition students cannot register for optional competitions if they have outstanding balances. Credits received will first apply towards any outstanding balances. Regional competition fees are due 45 days prior to the event; National fees are due 90 days prior. Unpaid fees disrupt registration and will incur a late fee of 10% for the first offense and could lead to reassignment to the recreational program after a second offense. Competition costumes will have the possibility of being custom made, which is a more expensive option than purchasing from a catalog. Please expect costumes to range from $100-$200 each. Costume payments are due earlier this year - 100% payment due Friday, September 13th.

Arrival Times

Students must arrive ready to dance two hours before their first performance at all competitions.


Our annual Summer Recital Showcase occurs at the end of each Fall season, with participation required from all students. Tickets are necessary for guests over 2 years old and are available for $20-$25 at the studio or at the door with an additional fee. Recital costumes, costing between $65-$80, must be purchased for each class. All dancers must attend the recital photo day, with specific dates announced well in advance, typically between May and June.

General Rules

Friends or non-participating guests are not allowed in dance rooms but may stay in the lobby.
Outdoor shoes are prohibited past the lobby.
No one is permitted behind the reception desk.
Elite Dance Project is not liable for injuries; a waiver must be signed before participation.
No gum chewing in class.
Missed classes can be made up in a corresponding age group class with prior email confirmation.
Substitutes may occasionally teach due to scheduling needs.
Respectful behavior is mandatory in the studio, including proper use of equipment and polite interactions.
Phones must be off and stored away during class time.
Injured students should still attend classes to keep up with material.

Weather and Emergency Policies

Notifications of snow days or emergency closures will be communicated via email and social media. We generally follow Lapeer School’s closures, although classes may still occur if conditions improve by evening.