Payment Policy & Fees

Oct 06, 2022 08:36 AM

A registration fee of $26.00 per student is due upon registration. The maximum payment per family is $65.00. This is non-refundable or transferable. **10% Discount (rounded to the nearest dollar) will be applied if payment is made prior to the first of the month or if paid in full at registration**

September lesson fees and the registration fee are due upon registration. These are non-refundable or transferable. There are no credits on missed lessons, however, missed lessons can and should be made up through March for classes with multiple class times. * Does not apply to adult classes that run in sessions Each account with a card that is declined will be assessed a $30 fee.

In the event the studio is forced to close due to natural disaster, fire, theft or destruction of property, pandemic, government order or an “Act of God”, tuition and fees paid to the date of closure are not refundable. The studio reserves to right to stop all in-person classes at the physical facility and resume service virtually. Families will receive communication to access virtual/on-line classes. Classes may be combined by age and/or level at the determination of the studio owners. Tuition will continue to be charged if the studio is required to move to virtual classes only or a hybrid of virtual and in-person sessions. Exceptions will be determined on a case by case basis.

Should you decide to discontinue lessons, parents must give a written and signed, 30-day advanced notice of your decision. Dancer's accounts will be charged for fees due until the 30th-day advance notice has expired. For example, if a parent turns in a withdrawal letter on December 15th, you will be responsible for payments on your accounts through Jan. 14th.

In the event that the studio is unable to host a recital at a theater/auditorium due to unforeseen circumstances such as a pandemic or natural disaster, the studio will make every effort to offer 1) alternative recital date with the same calendar year if possible, 2) offer a virtual recital, 3)offer an in house recital. Directors will determine the best format based on the circumstances as well as the safety of staff, students, families, and the community.

A fee of $45.00 per dancer or a max of $55.00 per family will be charged in April of the current dance season. This will be billed at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled recital date.