Aug 25, 2019 12:13 PM

Class Tuition
ALL Costumes are included in Tuition.
There are no extra charges for costumes unless you are on Mazza-Smith Team Elite 1014

Studio Tuition 10 months August-June
!st class 84.00
Combo class 94.00
2nd class 110.00
3rd class 130.00
4th class 140.00
5th class 150.00
6th class 160.00
7th class 170.00
8th class 180.00
9th class 190.00
Unlimited 200.00

Satellight Classes 9 months Tuition September-May

Morning PK class 84.00
Afternoon PK class 88.00
Combo class drop off 94.00
Combo class extended 98.00
Second class 26.00

1st child 80.00
2nd child 60.00
3rd child 40.00
4th child 20.00
5 or more 0

Sibling discounts per class 20.00

Recital Fee
Per family 120.00 and includes 8 tickets, two programs, recital and rehearsal at the Times Union Center.
If extra are needed it is 20 each if there are any left to sell. Our recitals are NOT 5 hours long! They are usually 1.5 hours max so that our students and parents can enjoy the show and not be tired!

Late registrants will have costume catch up fees of 10 per class taken each month they have missed in a season added onto the first tuition installment.

3% discount on Tuition only for paying in full for the season.