Fall Registration Form

May 29, 2024 03:25 AM

Waiver: I hereby release Shine On Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) and all instructors and students at SOPAC in any capacity for any liability due to injuries, sickness, etc. that I may obtain as a result of my attendance or participation in any and all dance classes at SOPAC or any special event associated with SOPAC. I clearly understand participation in any class will involve dance and bodily exercise and movement with rigorous activity. I am fully aware of my personal medical condition and hereby certify that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in classes for which I have registered and that I have the medical coverage or personal means to cover the expenses related to any injury or sickness that I may receive as result of my participation. I understand that my child, myself or guardianship of child that may participate in classes at SOPAC could be exposed to COVID-19 and SOPAC is not responsible for any direct or indirect exposure of this virus. We understand the risk of participating in a public service may have an impact on our health.

I understand that SOPAC may use any and all photos and videos of any participants for advertisement purposes. Photos and videos may be taken during classes, recital or rehearsals, competitions and any other performances or special events associated with SOPAC.

Tuition is a yearly rate which is broken into 10-monthly payments. Students do not receive refunds or additional classes for Holidays, vacations , sick days, injuries, events or any mandated shut down by the town, state, country, etc. Students may take a class of equal or lower level with approval from Director to make up any classes missed. All late tuition will be charged a $10 late fee. Checks must be payable to Shine On Performing Arts Center.