COVID-19 Procedures

Oct 25, 2020 09:18 AM

COVID-19 Procedures
PLEASE NOTE- In order to stay within the CDC guidelines, below are the procedures/ changes for in person classes.
These are set in place to keep us and our CHILDREN safe. We are proceeding with extreme caution and in very small numbers. We will danceā€¦. Virtual Dance remains a viable option for Summer and FALL- Be sure to register in order to hold your spot (classes are based on numbers).
The following procedures will be set in place in order to return to the studio
1- All students will be dropped off and picked up from the parking lot in a drive through fashion.(Lobbies are closed). One teacher will be outside accepting students, another teacher will be inside waiting to receive students and will sanitize all hands as they arrive. All teachers are required to wear masks. Masks are encouraged to have masks.
2- Each student will remove street shoes and place them on an X that is spaced through the lobby.
3- Their dance bags will be placed under a chair or taped out box that is assigned to them in the dance room. They will also be in that chair while others arrive. These chairs/ taped boxes will be placed around the outside of the dance floor, so that the student has a home base for where to change shoes, report for across the floor, etc. This will also prevent cross contamination and teachers will be able to disinfect chair areas between each class.
4- Our floors have taped gridlines, leaving a blank space in between dancers. Class sizes are limited to 8. There is a taped off area upfront for the teachers only. Students are not permitted in this area, nor are they permitted by stereo desk which is also marked with tape. This teacher area gives at least a 10 foot buffer between teacher and students so that the teacher can remove the mask, get a drink, change music etc.
5- Each student will stretch and dance in the middle of their taped square. For now, formations will not play a part in the dances.
6- In the event of across the floor dancing: each dancer will report to their chair and go across the floor when called. Teachers know to stagger those who are called, to avoid breathing in exhaled droplets.
7- When time to change shoes, dancers will sit on chairs and teachers will assist younger dancers, as needed. After each shoe change everyone will be given hand sanitizer.
8- Hand sanitizer will be provided outside of the bathroom(s). One bathroom is now marked for Staff Only. Our bathrooms will only be available to dancers and staff. After each use we will ask if hands were washed with soap and then they will re apply Germ-X and a teacher will spray the bathroom with disinfectant, Hence the 2 teachers in each room.
9- At the end of each class we will dismiss 5-10 mins early depending on class size and age) dancers will be called to the lobby to retrieve street shoes and they are then to stand on the X where their shoes were.
10- Between classes; barres, chairs, under chairs, mats and any supplies used will be disinfected. Floors under chairs are swiffered. The bathroom sink and toliet is re sprayed. The teacher in the lobby at the exit doors for dismissal, wipes door handles, door knobs, and common areas.
11- New students arriving are met by the teacher in the lobby and they enter the doors marked and follow protocol.
12- No Cell phones will be allowed. If a parent must send a cell phone the cell must stay in their bag, and sealed in a zip lock bag, as cell phones are a breeding ground for spreading germs. We don't allow them in class anyway but if it's a need for them please sandwich bag it.
13- If a student looks ill, we will have laser thermometers on hand to check temps. Any child that looks, acts or has a slight fever will be sent home.
14- Parents keep your child home if they are running a cold, or have any puny systems if they have had a fever within 48 hours. We will send anyone home if we deem necessary.
15- We still offer classes on zoom, any and all classes will be live streamed.
16- At the end of each night teachers will need to wipe down all surfaces, (handles, doorknobs, chairs, light switches, sinks, chairs, stereo)
17- Covid Liability forms need to be signed.