Rules & Regulations

Jul 15, 2020 08:10 AM

2019- 2020 Rules and Regulations

All rules are strictly enforced. We encourage parents to review this sheet with their children so they are aware of the rules and what is expected of them. Parents, please note the following:

_____ Please keep the waiting area as open and quiet as possible during classes to avoid distracting the students and teachers.
_____ It is IMPERATIVE that all students and parents alike respect each other and the staff at all times. Any other behavior will NOT be tolerated!
_____ All students are asked to use the bathroom before class. The instructor cannot take the child to the bathroom while trying to conduct class nor does he or she want the child to go by themselves; therefore, parents who have children 5 and under are strongly encouraged to stay in the waiting area while class is going on in case of bathroom emergencies. Teachers and staff cannot monitor the waiting room- Please do not leave small children unattended.
_____ Good attendance is imperative, as absences or tardiness can hold back an entire class. The instructors cannot jeopardize their responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. If a student’s absence becomes a reoccurring issue, the teacher will speak with the parent about alternative class options. Please make every effort to have your child at every class on time.
_____ Cases of prolonged absence due to illness or injury should be discussed with the teacher and a doctor’s note should be provided when appropriate. Our student’s health and safety is our top priority.
_____ If a student cannot take class for 3 weeks or more, due to reasons beyond their control (i.e. severe illness or injury) there will be no charge for absences when a doctor’s note is submitted. If a child is unable to attend class multiple weeks in a month for any other reason, tuition must still be paid for that month to hold the child’s spot in the class. It is imperative that you notify the Director immediately. If the student must withdraw from classes prior to month end, there will be no tuition refund for that current month.
_____ If a student is unable to dance but is feeling well enough to attend class, we expect them to participate by observing so that they will retain the key elements of class (especially when choreography is being taught for an upcoming show). Students who feel ill, have a fever, or are exhibiting “contagious” cold symptoms should stay home and rest.
_____ Parents are required to call 2 hours prior to class to advise if their student will be late or not be in class. Please advise the instructor if the student will be leaving early for rare circumstances.
_____ A child is only allowed into class 15 minutes late. If you arrive 15 minutes after the class has begun, your child will not be allowed to participate that day. It is a distraction to the class and the teacher to accommodate for tardy students.
_____ Class observation in extreme circumstances is at the teacher’s discretion and not typically allowed per studio policy. Parents observing class is a distraction for the dancers and will prevent them from participating fully in class.
_____ Performances, Showcases, Competitions and Recital dates will be communicated as they are planned. All students registered in classes are required to participate in the performances and it is up to the parents and guardians to make sure they do not schedule any other events on these dates that would prevent the student from performing. Ticket prices and costume costs will be advertised at a later date, but as soon as possible. Costume fees paid are 100% non-refundable.
_____ All students are required to attend ALL rehearsals designated for the show(s)/event(s) in order to perform. Only one parent per dancer is allowed at Dress Rehearsal.
_____ In case of snow, please check our Facebook: Beyond the Barre Dance Academy, our Instagram: @BeyondTheBarreDance and the Parent Portal for updates! If schools are closed, that may not be the case for BTB Dance Academy as conditions can change throughout the day. You will not be credited tuition costs for inclement weather.
_____ BTB Dance Academy will typically follow the Smithfield Public School schedule for vacations. We will notify parents if there are any mandatory practices during vacation to rehearse for upcoming competitions/performances. In the case of 3 or more snow days, BTB has the right to choose to hold classes during a school vacation.
_____ Class placement is based on many factors including age, ability, experience, maturity and progression. It will be at the discretion of the staff and Director to place your child in the appropriate level. Please trust our professional judgment for this decision as our dancer’s best interest in order to progress is our top priority.
_____ It is a pre-requisite to be enrolled in a Ballet, Jazz and Tap class in order to be considered for the Yellow Jackets team. It is required to be enrolled in Ballet to be considered for the Apprentice Bees Competition Teams. It will be at the discretion of the staff and Director to invite students onto the competition teams and at that point, there can be auditions for each different dance number and opportunity. Invitations are sent in August each year.
_____ Drop ins are only allowed for adult classes. They are at the teacher’s discretion and dependent on the size of the class. Drop ins do not hold your spot permanently and you must be enrolled to be guaranteed consistent attendance month to month.
_____ A $30 registration fee for a single student ($40 for a family) is due at the time of student registration (annually) in order to hold his/her spot in class. If one dancer initially joins BTB and another member of the family joins at a later date, the $10 difference will be added to their first month’s tuition.
_____ We offer a $10 family discount to each family who has 2+ dancers, per month.
_____ Monthly tuition is due the FIRST WEEK of the month, however tuition can be paid in full starting September- June for a 5% discount (paid by September 30). Tuition needs to be paid in full each month for your student to participate in class. Tuition will not be prorated for absences or snow days. Refunds will not be given for any classes that are missed. Tuition is based on a 10 month season, all holidays and vacations considered.
_____ BTB Dance Academy accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. You are able to pay online using our secure system within the Parent Portal or set up Auto-Pay which will process the first of the month for a 3.5% convenience charge.
_____ If a student’s monthly tuition is not received by the 15th of each month, a $10 late fee will be ENFORCED. With each month that passes, the late fee will double in price. A $25 fee will be applied to any and all returned checks. This must be paid in cash with the original tuition payment.
_____ Beyond the Barre Dance Academy does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies.
_____ Beyond the Barre Dance Academy, with the approval of the Director, reserves the right to use all pictures and/or videos of students for the purpose of advertising and/or promotion of the studio. This includes the studio website, Facebook and Instagram pages. I grant permission to use my child’s photograph/videotape for the purposes mentioned above.
_____ No street shoes are permitted in the classrooms.
_____ There is NO SMOKING in or around the dance studio.
_____ No gum, candy or food other than a water bottle is allowed in the classroom. ONLY WATER with a sealed lid is allowed in the studio.
_____ If a dancer needs to change in or out of dance attire, they must do so in the studio bathroom. There are other people in the lobby and building, so it is imperative to protect the privacy of our dancers. BTB is not held responsible for those who do not oblige to this rule.
_____ Like any other physical sport or activity there is always the element of risk. By attending BTB Dance Academy classes, students and parents are agreeing that BTB Dance Academy, its teachers, landlords and employees cannot be held liable for any claims or injuries in the dance studio or during studio performances.
_____ BTB Dance Academy is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items. Anything valuable left behind that is found by our staff will be locked up securely. All dance items will be put in the lost and found.
_____ Beyond the Barre Dance Academy reserves the right to cancel or change the studio schedule. Class cancelations will be at the Director’s discretion. All students will be given the option of an alternative class, if available.
_____ Students who drop out of classes must notify the studio in writing of their decision. Students will be charged for any outstanding balances and the current month’s tuition will not be reimbursed. There are no refunds of registration or recital fees.

Code of Conduct

_____ Students are expected to be well behaved and to show respect and courtesy to their teachers as well as classmates and parents. Families will be asked to leave the studio if this behavior continues.
_____ Running in the studio, touching the mirror and hanging on the barres is not permitted, appropriate behavior.
_____ Students are not to enter or disrupt other classes that are in progress while passing through or waiting in the lobby.
_____ Students are NOT permitted to have cell phones in the classrooms at any time. If there is an emergency to have the phone in the classroom, the parent/guardian must notify the teacher.
_____ Students are not permitted to touch the stereo equipment or allowed in any space other than the waiting area and classroom for any reason.
_____ Review the dance attire requirements on the website before attending your first class. Proper dance attire and shoes are MANDATORY for safety and overall wellbeing of the student’s dance education. An instructor reserves the right to ask a student to observe class if they are not dressed appropriately.
_____ Dancers are to be picked up promptly after class in the front lobby. At no time are students allowed to leave the facility without parent/guardian or without parent/guardian written consent.
_____ Posting of inappropriate or negative comments on any social media is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
_____ Students and parents are not allowed to videotape class or choreography. The safety and privacy of our students is our priority. If you would like to videotape privately at the end of class for practice purposes, please ask your teacher, as this is no issue. Posting any video from Beyond the Barre Dance Academy to any social media or public Internet sites is strictly prohibited.
_____ Parents are expected to up hold the Code of Conduct. Disruptive or abusive behavior will be addressed and can result in dismissal from BTB Dance Academy. Parents should reinforce to their child any rules that the instructor puts forth in his or her classroom in order to create a fun and safe environment. Here at Beyond the Barre Dance Academy, we promote all dancers to treat each other with respect, support and encouragement.

I have read, understand and agree to the Rules and Regulations at Beyond the Barre Dance Academy and I grant my child permission to participate in all classes and activities offered.