Parent/Student Waiver

Oct 17, 2021 02:34 AM

All practices are very important. Students should be to every practice. We are aware that life is busy, so if your child must miss practice please let us know in advance, and do not miss for flimsy excuses such as: going shopping, being too tired, etc. Dancing is a class effort. When one person misses practice, class time is not as productive for the rest of the students.

Add & drop a class:
Add – You can add a dance class at anytime unless registration is closed in April & May when we are getting ready for recital.

Dropped classes have to be done by the Director. To drop a class you must send an email 30 days prior to dropping class. You will be required to pay the full tuition for the current month or up to 30 days. The tuition will be fixed for the following month or 30 day from the date the notice was given.

Advertising Release:
By agreeing to this studio Policies and Procedures form you consent to let Lone Peak Studios use any photo and or recording taken of me or my child associated with dance or this studio for publicity, promotion or advertising purposes. You also agree that all of these photos and or recordings associated will remain property of Lone Peak Studios.

Arrival and pick-up time:
Please bring your student and pick up your child on time. We are not responsible for them after the class is over. Students may arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class and be picked up no later than 5 minutes after class. The teacher’s plan on that time to prepare for class. After 5 minutes LPS has the right to charge a $1 a minute beyond the 5 minute pick up and drop off time.

Class rules:
*Arrive to class on time for a proper warm up. If the student is more than 20 minutes late they may be asked to warm up on their own on the sidelines or sit out for the remainder of the class to avoid injury.

*To sit out in class for any reason the student must have a written consent from a parent or doctor.

*Dancers must wear the proper attire for their class including the correct dance shoes and their hair up. If they do not have the right attire they will be asked to call their parents to bring the right dance wear so they can make the most out of their class.

*Dancers are encouraged and expected to have positive attitudes, respect for others and always give their best efforts in class.

*Family and friends observation is aloud the last 5 minutes of each class. Besides that we encourage the parents and friends not to be in the room during class because it is distracting to the students.

*Please do not miss class unless you are ill and contagious. Keep in mind that if team dancers miss two weeks prior to a performance for any reason they could be moved out of the formation and will not be permitted to perform at the next performance.

Class Evaluations:
In April/May Student evaluations are completed be their teachers and presented to students to acknowledge accomplishments, give advice and assess class advancement for the new dance season.

Email/text. Most of our communication is done via email or text. We use the contact information from your registration to communicate. If for any reason you are not getting the information you need please contact our dance director to make sure we have the right contact information for you. Make sure when you register you click yes to receiving emails and do not opt out. This is how we communicate with you and send out important information.

Dance/Tumbling Attire:
Correct attire is required and is important for the dancer’s success in class. When students dress like a dancer, they act and dance like a dancer. More importantly they need to be in the right attire so they can move like they need to and so we can see their bodies to make sure they are moving correctly as to help teach correct habits and avoid injury. We do not allow midriff tops or inappropriate dance wear. If students do not come to class with correct dance clothes and shoes they will be asked to call their parents to bring them their correct attire before they are allowed to dance. Please take the dress code seriously. Refer to what to wear and bring to class below.

Practice Attire:
All dancers need to have their hair pulled up and back.

All students need to wear the proper dance clothes for practice.

2-5 years: black leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes.
6-8 years: black leotard with hot shorts and foot undezz & ballet shoes.
9-18 years: hot shorts and a fitted dance top, foot undezz & ballet shoes.

Enroll online at If you don’t have access to a computer you can register at the studio. To enroll you will need to fill out family & student information, set up an account for payment and pay the registration fee of $25 per student per year. Early enrollment for fall is ½ price from May-September.

*Open class enrollment for Summer or fall/winter is open from April. Mid-year registration is open in January 1-31st and then closes for dancers to get ready for the Spring recital.

*Lone Peak Studios owner and directors have the right to refuse service or enrollment to anyone for any reason.

We follow the Alpine School district schedule so when there is no school there are no lessons for open dance or tumbling classes. Rarely do we decide to hold a class on a no school day but if so it will be approved by the director and will be communicated to parents within a sufficient time frame.

Medical Release:
Signing the policies and procedures and or registration form will act as a medical release. You release Lone Peak Studios, Amy Sanders, and all other students and their parents, teachers, helpers, or associates relating to or sponsoring this studio of claims for damages that may result from participation in dance or other activities associated with dance, tumbling, and fitness. This will also authorize employees to give medical assistance if deemed necessary. The primary contact will be responsible for any and all emergency & medical cost associated with this.

Parent Feedback:
We love and appreciate your feedback and comments so we can be the best for our students and parents. We always take into consideration your thoughts and comments. We evaluate feedback and make the best decision we feel is best for everyone. If you have something to discuss please do not interrupt class time to do so. If you have a question or comment for the director or a teacher you may contact them before or after class, or email them. If you have a problem please give everyone the benefit of the doubt and treat all of our teachers, staff and students kindly, with respect & kindness will be returned.

Tuition is 45.00 dollars a month for 1 class a week, 75.00 for 2 classes & 90.00 for 3 classes. Tuition is due by the 5th of each month. There will be a late fee of $25 if paid after this date unless arrangements have been made. We bill through auto-pay on every account UNLESS you pay with cash on the 1st of each month.

10% discount for sibling OR full year paid up front

10% discount for payments in cash. (must fill out payment slip)

Annual Registration:
$25 to register per student. Pay with new fall/winter registration only once a year. New and returning students get free registration if paid before July 31st.

Recital and Costume Info:
The recital will be in May (date not yet determined) Costumes will run around $50-$65 each. Note: We try to keep this at a minimum. If it is possible we try and do a 2 in 1 costumes which takes the cost down. (Most classes will perform 2 dances)

Recital fee:
Every family will need to pay a recital fee. This fee is $40 per family. This allows you to invite all of your family and friends with no additional charge. This way everyone can come and see you dancer perform!

When you register you are agreeing to automatically be signed up for auto-pay and must submit your credit card number in our secure system to register for a class. This is an easy way to pay tuition or any cost related to the Lone Peak Studios programs you have signed up for with no late fee and no worries. Auto pay runs on the 5th of every month. If for any reason the payment does not go through we will try and run the payment again for the balance owed on the 15th of the month. If auto-pay still does not go through you will be contacted by a LPS representative to take care of any issues with the account and collect the payment. After the 15th of the month any accounts with pending balances will receive a $25.00 late fee.

Unpaid balances/Account issues:
Lone Peak Studios reserves the right to send all unpaid balances to collections after 60 days. At this time students will not be permitted to attend class. All fees occurred through collections will be your responsibility to pay including all legal expenses associated. All time occurred above 1 hour by Lone Peak Studios management to facilitate and manage the problems associated will be charged to the account at a rate of $30 an hour and will be added to the balance due.

I agree to pay all amount(s) owed within 30 days of when such amount(s) are incurred. I agree that it is and shall remain my responsibility to pay all amounts owing as set forth herein. I agree that interest will accrue on all past-due amounts at the rate of 18% per annum (1.5% per month) until paid in full. In the event any amount(s) is/are referred to a third party debt collection agency, I agree that in addition to any other amount(s) allowed for by law, (such as interest, court costs, reasonable attorney’s fees, etc.) I will also be responsible for a collection fee of up to 40% of the principal amount(s) owing as allowed by Utah Code Annotated, sec. 12-1-11. The terms of this paragraph shall apply to all amount(s) incurred by me or by any individual for whom I have legal responsibility whether such amount(s) are incurred today or after today.