Apr 12, 2024 09:55 AM

As a participant or participant’s parent/legal guardian, I understand that by participating in any dance class, tumbling class, workshop, rehearsals. Or performance there is a possibility of physical injury. I therefore agree to assume all risks of any such injury that might occur during any classes, rehearsals, or performances. I do hereby release and discharge DANCE 2 XTREME, its owners, employees, assistants, volunteers, guest teachers, and helpers from any and all claims from injuries, damages, or loss which I or my minor child may have or which may occur as a result of participation in activities with D2X. I also agree all tuition fees, costume fees, & recital fees, once charged, are my responsibility to pay even if my child drops class and in the case that my child should choose to stop attending, I will notify immediately by a written drop notice. If the drop is after January 1st I understand it's my responsibility to pay a $25.00 drop fee per class in addition to all other fees due.