Data Protection Policy

Oct 27, 2021 01:52 AM

Neither Dance Associate nor DanceStudio-Pro stores any credit card or financial information. These are processed through Stripe’s secure payment gateway.

To contact you quickly in case of an emergency, we require a contact mobile number for a parent or guardian. In compliance with the Data Protection Act, we will ensure that all personal information is stored securely and deleted as soon as we have no reason to keep it. All important but non-emergency class information is sent out via email using the secure Dance Studio Pro Parent Portal. We require an email address that is checked regularly for this purpose. We will only send out email information specific to your class. We may periodically send out emails relating to summer schools or workshops that may be of interest or benefit to your child.

We email out one newsletter per week/term through a secure integration between Dance Studio Pro and Mailchimp - this contains important information regarding activities, term dates, new classes and events related to Dance Associate and our partners. It is your responsibility to make sure you read this newsletter to stay updated with the school's activities.

We do not share any information with any third parties unless legally requested by UK childcare authorities. Please make sure you update any changes to your personal data on your secure Parent Portal, so our records are up to date.

If you need any help, please do contact us at or 02830265555 or Mobile WhatsApp: +447725518020