**Withdrawal/Drop Form - 30 Day Notice**

May 17, 2022 06:27 PM

In the last couple of seasons, we have found it necessary to update many of our policies to keep our studio operating and the best environment for our teachers and dancers. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this and all policies. While we hate to see any of our dancers drop or withdraw from classes, we generally have an open door policy to return. Please be sure to communicate with us in advance so we can help address any concerns which may affect your decision. Often we can help if we are aware of various situations. Our full season retention rate is high and we do understand dancers may need to drop or withdraw from classes due to situations tout of our control. We always wish our dance families the best and are here if you may want to return again in the future.

Full Season withdrawals/drops from class(es), activities and other participation at DPAC require this form to be completed and submitted. No other form of notice is valid. This form should be completed ASAP so we may update your invoice if you have not paid in full or in advance for the dance season.

Different procedures will apply based on when you withdraw during our dance season (Sept-Dec. vs. Jan-June).
Refer to our Financial policies on DSP/Parent Portal for all related info and specifics in addition to what is here.

Full Season dancers who withdraw January or later will be responsible for for any outstanding, current and expected charges regardless of participation or lack thereof. Other policies may apply for our other classes and summer programs.
Please contact us with any questions - Dreamworkspac@gmail.com

In the event, we had to terminate your enrollment at our studio we will update your invoice accordingly.
This form will not be required in that type of situation.

DPAC Withdrawal/Drop Form: