Studio Policies/Procedures

May 17, 2022 06:23 PM

1.You agree to use BAND, our communication/community tool (full season dance families)
It is similar to social media platforms but it is private for our studio.
---->>>Join here: (you can use this online or via the app).
You can customize to set up notifications, synch calendar settings and lots more!
Let us know if you need any help accessing and setting up. There are also great user guides.
• You are responsible for keeping up and responding to information provided on BAND
• Dancer(s) may join under their own profile with parental permission
• All content on BAND should not be shared without the written permission of the studio
• Studio/Class Closings/Breaks and related info will be posted on BAND
• Be sure to join your dancer(s) related class(es) on BAND in addition to the main DPAC Families (Ex: Monday classes or Nutcracker)

2. Any questions regarding policies or financial questions should be directed to Miss Heather/Business Manager.
Please refrain from asking teachers these questions to optimize class time. You can send private messages on BAND.

3. COVID-19 Safety Guidelines - Updated as needed
• We follow all local & state guidelines
• Specific info is posted on BAND
• All staff is trained/will be trained in all related procedures
• Contact us with any concerns or questions

4. For safety, students are not permitted to wait outside the building to be picked up from class. Please notify us immediately if there is an issue with pick up. You may incur a late fee if teachers must wait with your child after pick up time (more than 1x).

5. Attire/Dress Code
• Attire & dance shoes should be ordered through the studio or by our recommendations only.
Refer to Dress Code/Dance Attire Doc -
• Please arrive in full dress code including proper bun and dance shoes
• No street shoes are permitted on dance flooring
• Hip-hop students must bring (carry separately) dance sneakers for class. Buns not required
• Shoe Exchange - we welcome any donations or trades for our shoe exchange

6. Beverages/Food
• Only bottled/resealable containers
• No sharing of drinks, food, etc.
• Bottle water is not always available at the studio. Please bring your own water bottle.
• No food due to COVID guidelines including mints, candy, cough drops or gum (unless otherwise agreed to by DPAC)

7. For safety, please limit jewelry. No loose jewelry should be worn

8. Please also limit chap stick/lip balm as this becomes a distraction with younger ones

9. Only Dance Dreamworks/DPAC staff are permitted to enter the staff-only areas and go behind the desk area.

10. Incident Reports
Any and all incidents (accident, injury, damage, etc.) must be reported to a teacher and/or management.
• This must also be documented as quickly as possible
• Call/text 774-205-9200 or

11. Lost & Found
• We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items
• Please keep valuable items home
• We have a lost & found bin - please check for any items
• Lost & found items not claimed will be donated or become studio property at end of season

12. Class Cancellations/Weather
DPAC generally follows the Silver Lake Schools closure policies in regards to inclement weather. However, due to most classes being held in the evening and some on the weekends, we make our own final decisions.

On days where it is a difficult decision as to whether or not to close, we generally make a final decision by 2:30pm.
This is posted on BAND.

13. Make Ups/Absences
All studio closures, regardless of the reason, do not have automatic makeups.
• Students who miss class due to their own reasons are responsible for learning missed lessons. Please check with your teacher.
• Students who cannot participate in class due to an injury or otherwise, should still attend class to observe (if possible)
A Doctor's note maybe required to return to dance following an inquiry or illness.
During the months of Sept-Jan, dancers may take a class one level up or down from their own (if there isn’t an equivalent) as a make up. This is not required. Make ups are generally not possible Mid January-June as it is focused on choreography.
Please contact us if you wish to schedule a make up to coordinate with their teacher(s).

Our dance season is divided into trimesters. After a trimester has hit three closures for the same class, a makeup will be determined for the entire class at that time. In some cases, a makeup class may be on a different day/time if needed.

We reserve the right to adjust class times & locations as necessary to best continue our dance education.

14. All policies listed on these forms are non-negotiable and must be adhered to at all times.

15. Any issues or concerns should be addressed to Miss Amanda and/or Miss Heather -