Financial Policies & Withdrawal

May 17, 2022 07:56 PM


DANCE SEASON 8 (2021-2022)
We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. Though our policies may appear strict, we must do this in order for our studio to stay open and grow, especially during these last few years. We are always willing to work with families when we are able to so please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with your family for years to come!

These policies generally apply to our FULL DANCE SEASON. Our summer programs and other classes may have similar but different policies. Please ask if you have any questions.

Our full dance season is a Sept-June (10 month) commitment with dance classes held weekly typically (outside of expected or unexpected closures) and annual performances such as Nutcracker and our June Showcase (recital). Some of our dancers also take part in our Ensemble and Intensive Ballet dance teams which offers additional opportunities.
Your entire dance season payment can be paid in full, 1/2 payment up front or monthly. The full financial obligation is due for any additional costs for the full dance season regardless of participation or other events outside our control. This policy has worked well for many years. We are happy to work with you and address any concerns that may come up.

This is not an inclusive list but outlines some of the common charges you may expect:

Monthly Class Tuition:
Regular class tuition (based on 10 payments, Sept-June). Payment for June is due with May payment.

One-Time Charges (per season):
Registration fee upon enrollment, Nutcracker Fees as applicable (October), Showcase Costume/Rentals Fees (October and payment plans also available). There are additional fees for those in Ensemble and Intensive. Additional fees apply for those who participate in optional opportunities as applicable. We do our best to outline what we can in advance. Communications are on our BAND pages.

Additional fees include may include:
Necessary dancewear/attire, dance shoes, tickets to performances, National Honor Society costs, Senior solos, extra rehearsals, etc. Some of these are optional to participate in such as Senior Solos and Dance Teams. If you have any specific questions, please let us know in advance. For those who pay in full, you may request an estimate of charges for the dance season. Please note, this is our best estimate only. We do not want this to feel overwhelming but more to be open about charges you may expect so you understand and can plan accordingly.

If you choose to pay monthly, you are still financially responsible for the entire dance season charges as applicable.
We have a 30 day written notice to drop/withdraw. Please complete this form to officially drop/withdraw from classes. No other notice is valid.
Drop/Withdrawal Form -

Monthly Payments (if not paid in full or in advance for dance season) -
1. Invoice payment is due monthly by the 15th of September to May. June tuition is due with or before May tuition.
You will be invoiced monthly via Square to your email on file on DSP.
Any outstanding balances are due prior to purchasing event tickets, products/merch, etc.
Invoice payment is due regardless of absences, expected or unexpected closings, scheduled breaks or studio events (Nutcracker and other events) and is non-refundable/no exchanges. We may apply a credit in limited situations.
All our costs are based on these factors for the entire dance season.

Summer classes, sessions and programs may have different policies such as no registration fee.
Summer and Session classes are generally paid in full at time of enrollment unless other arrangements have been agreed to in advance by Miss Amanda/Miss Heather (DPAC).

Forms of Payments:
Credit/debit card or bank (ACH) payments can be made 24 hours a day via your emailed Square Invoice
Venmo - Dreamworkspac / 774-205-9200 (friends and family for no added fee)
Cash or check ("Dance Dreamworks or DPAC") are accepted at the studio during studio hours with a note or memo line including students name, what it is for, and in a sealed envelope. Cash should be exact change. We are not responsible for any lost/missing payments. Teachers cannot accept any payments without prior notice to Miss Amanda and/or Miss Heather. Our dance teachers are not necessarily familiar with our financial and other related policies so please always check with Miss Amanda or Miss Heather for most accurate info.

A credit card must be on file and you consent to it being charged accordingly (as a primary or backup payment method).
We will charge this card for any balances outstanding, current or expected payments due. Cards on file will be charged monthly automatically on due date or as applicable to current and past due charges. If you wish to change this form of payment you can do so on your Square account via your emailed invoice. If you have any issues, please contact Miss Heather or Miss Amanda. Cards that have been declined, must be replaced or another form of payment must be submitted on or before the due date.

If you do not wish to have a credit card or bank account saved to your Square account:
1) You may pay in advance for estimated entire dance season
2) Give a deposit towards expected costs, any refunds will be distributed at end of dance season
You may update your card or bank account on file directly on Square. If you have any issues, please reach out to us.

2. Invoices not paid by the 15th will be subject to a $10.00 late fee. After 30 days, an additional $10.00 will be added until the balance is paid in full. Payment reminders from Square are automatically generated and late fees applied.
If you have a card or bank account on file, it will be charged accordingly. Tuition can be paid prior to 15th.

3. Square invoices are automatically generated each month and emailed. Any outstanding tuition/fees are due regardless of whether an invoice is sent and/or received, If you notice any discrepancies in invoices, please inform us and we will look into it for you. You are responsible to notify us of changes to your email and/or billing info. Invoices are usually sent at the beginning of each month and can be paid anytime through the 15th.

4. All payments and orders are non-refundable, non-exchangeable (unless otherwise stated). Any payments received will be applied to the current balance due or past due before any extras (i.e. photos, merch, events, tickets.)
There may be certain situations where we will apply a credit.

5. Costumes are studio property until applicable entire dance season payments are made (including any past due balances).
Costumes are distributed prior to Showcase. If they are not taken at the conclusion of the season they will become studio property or donated. We will contact dance families about any lost/left behind costumes and items we find.

6. Annual Nutcracker Fee
This will apply to your October invoice, it is a one-time per dance season charge. Nutcracker is part of our ballet curriculum for all dancers Beginner level and above (all dancers participate). Dancers in KinderCombo and Hip-Hop are also welcome to audition and join. Everyone will be cast in parts that are suited for their classes, age and skill set.
Our Annual Nutcracker Performances take place typically in December.
For all participants in our Annual Nutcracker: SEASON 8 (2021-2022) **Fees may vary by season**
$150 Nutcracker Base Fee - includes up to 3 roles and all related costs (tickets to show are extra)
$20 EACH Additional Roles (applied for those cast in >3 roles)
Auditions and rehearsals start in October. Amount will be applied to October invoice.

7. Showcase Costume & Rental Fees (applied in October, 1x season charge)
1) Payable in full in October
2) Payment Plan for totals >$100 (Oct-Dec payments) - please notify if you want this option

8. Total costume fee will still be due if a child withdraws/drops a class after 11/1. The costume is property of the customer who paid for it as long as all outstanding and expected charges are paid. You may donate to our costume closet if you prefer. Costumes are not refundable, returnable or exchangeable.

9. Drops/Withdrawals from class(es) - There is a 30 day notice to withdraw during our full dance season (Sept-June).
Withdrawal Form Doc. Any withdrawals/drops of classes January - June will be responsible for the full expected dance season charges including any upcoming charges. Prior to January, you will be charged based on 30 days written notice (Withdrawal Form) as it applies within the billing cycle (ex: 30 day notice/withdrawal form submitted Oct. 1st, you will be responsible for applicable charges though November billing. This is when we generally order costumes so if you provided notice prior to this, you will not incur that additional charge however.) Dancers who may want to try our full season we recommend it's best to start in the first half of the year (Sept - Dec) but please be aware this is still a full dance season therefore our classes are set up based on that. In the first half of the year we focus on foundational aspects and our ballet classes (beginner level and above) focus on Nutcracker (Oct - Dec). The second half of the year (Jan - June) focus is on Showcase (recital) choreography. Related opportunities such as Student Choreography, Ensemble and Ballet Intensive dance team events such as competition performance experiences occur during this half of the year as well. We find also that many of our dancers who complete their full dance have had the best experience overall and continue with us for many years with DPAC. Please communicate any concerns or questions you have so we can assist when possible.

We reserve the right to remove a student from a class/program. All related charges are due for the current month and following month(s) as applicable.

Any prior or current promotions that fall during this time would be excluded and not applied
Only completed Drop/Withdrawal Forms are acceptable notice for us to process your request -
The date this is submitted is the effective date as applicable with our policies/30 days notice.
Drops/Withdrawals Sept-Dec may be reviewed on a case by case basis at studio discretion.
Drops/withdrawals made January or later will incur full cost of the dance season, no exceptions.

Your payment on file will be charged accordingly unless you provide another form of payment before the due date.
Once the form is submitted, you may be charged immediately for all outstanding/expected dance season charges. In some cases, this may be applied to your current invoice and due within the current billing cycle. You may request a payment plan and this may be approved on an individual basis. We will seek legal/financial recourse as necessary for non-payment.

In the event you have been terminated by our studio you will be responsible for current and outstanding charges in accordance to our financial policies.

We generally have an open door policy for students to return. If you have extraordinary circumstances for your withdrawal, please speak to us. We do not offer refunds but in limited circumstances we may apply a credit.

You agree to all policies upon enrollment and we reserve the right to amend these at any time. You are responsible to keep up to date with these policies and your on going understanding and agreement in order to participate at our studio.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have. We are always willing to work with families when we are able to so please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with your family for years to come!