Studio Safety Procedures

May 28, 2022 12:49 PM

We have had ZERO C19 transmissions since we re-opened July 2020 for full in-person classes.

Thank you to our amazing DPAC Team and dance families who have been so understanding and loyal during these very challenging years. We are so grateful to all our dance families for being transparent with us and helping not only keep the studio a safe place but one that will remain open in the future. We are blessed to have such wonderful and loyal dance families! We are so fortunate that we have been able to hold performances during these times though it may have been a bit different. Our Nutcracker in December 2021 was incredible and we are so proud that our dancers were back on stage in our biggest production yet. Thank you all for continuing to work hard, help as needed (it takes a village!) and being kind and respectful to others. As a small studio, we have a great family vibe and support one another. We tend to be the studio that can others come to when they may not have had a good experience elsewhere. We are a collaborative studio and want to attract those who are also a good fit with us.

Any changes to these Safety Protocols/Measures will be announced and updated here.
Season 8 is going great and our protocols have continued to be successful. We give choice to families based on what is best for their particular situation. We respect everyone's choices and also help behind the scenes so that families/dancers can have the best experience. Please reach out with concerns or questions. Please know that if anything changes with mandates, we will still continue to honor those who have valid exemptions including some of our current dance families and dance teachers. Our classes are a mix of those who mask and those who don't. This varies sometimes by class and sometimes by a specific situation. We also typically do not tend to have any true close contact situations as the dancers are always moving around. We are one of the few studios who have had zero in-studio transmissions. We will continue to do what has been proven to work well for our studio and adjust as we see fit. Our focus is always the well-being of all our dancers and we are here to provide dance education and related opportunities for them. There are many studios who do not provide choice and if you feel more comfortable with that, that's ok too. Please know prior to enrolling what our policies are. We are here to be part of your journey if you feel we are a good fit for you.

UPDATE - May 27, 2021 to PRESENT
ln accordance with latest guidance (all remaining C19 restrictions have been lifted, mask advisory in place), vaccination rates and other considerations, at this time masks/facial coverings will be at parent's discretion for their dancer(s). Any change to this will be announced. Some students & teachers may continue to wear their masks or shields. We encourage families to decide what is best for your dancer(s). Everyone will be treated fairly regardless of their mask protocol. We will remind students of this as well. Please let us know if you have specifics around this you want us to be aware of. If not, we will ask your dancer and use our best judgement. Please ensure your dancer(s) understands your wishes on this. If they do have a mask, we will assume they they should be wearing one (with the exception of water and mask breaks as needed). We have extra masks and shields available at the studio, if needed.

We will continue to keep our additional safety protocols in place at this time including smaller class sizes and cleaning/sanitizing measures through the summer and Season 8.
Please continue to be mindful of any illness and contact us if you are unsure. Thank you to everyone who has weathered through this wild storm with us. As always our studio a welcoming and safe space. Please contact us with any questions or concerns - or on BAND.
Phase 4 Update -
Our industry guidelines are kept current/followed as they updated and progressed in phases...we are now in phase 4.
(Copy of this has been posted to BAND - DPAC Families on 7/20/20. Also at front entrance)

Help Keep Our Studio Safe!
Prior to attending class, everyone must complete the Pre-Screening Certification Form (p.5)
This will ensure that all participants are attesting to being in good health and have not been in contact with others with contagious viruses and understand all our safety measures
Please note: our standards are based on local, state and CDC recommendations.
As guidelines are updated, this may affect ours as well. In some cases, our standards are higher
Our studio was part of a joint letter with the Massachusetts Dance Studio Owners to the State Advisory Board addressing our concerns and recommendations. As a result of this, the Board took our recommendations and allowed dance studios to open in phase 2, step 1. We are also a member of the Dance Studio Owners Association which is a global affiliation that has been on the forefront of dance studio ownership
Please contact Miss Heather, our Health & Safety Leader/Business Manager, with any questions or concerns - or on BAND.
Entering the Studio (All enter using main front door)
Please arrive promptly to class and wait in your cars until notified on BAND or by the teacher opening the door for class
Teachers will notify dancers on their class BAND when cleaning is completed and they may enter
Social distancing is in place outside the studio per state guidelines (i.e. parking lots, congregating areas)
We recommend using the bathroom prior to class to maximize your class time
We request that siblings or any other non-dancers do not enter the building unless necessary
Only Parents/guardians of young/new dancers or anyone in-need of special assistance will be allowed in the studio.
Please contact us in advance, as feasible, due to COVID guidelines occupancy limits
Dancers should arrive fully in dress code, including hair in a bun (unless instructed otherwise)
Dance bag essentials - dance shoes, water bottle or additional items as recommended by teachers
Everyone must wash hands or apply sanitizer upon entry
Attendance and contact information taken of everyone who enters the studio
Face coverings are necessary when entering (we recommend clear face shields) unless you have a valid medical exemption*. See below for more specifics
During Class/In Studio
Class sizes and total occupancy will be limited to adhere to current safety guidelines
Socially “dis-dance” 6 feet as much as possible and when not dancing
Visual markings will be on the floor to aid in social distancing and traffic direction
Required facial coverings (prior to the state/local mandates)
Medical exemptions apply per BOH. Clear shields recommended
Per state guidelines, face coverings and social distancing of six feet is required when participants are not actively engaged in an activity* (we realize this is opposite from the new norm but it is specific to our industry guidelines)
Breaks can be taken by those wearing face coverings
Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio
Disposable masks will be available in limited quantities as needed
No sharing of items - water bottles, face coverings, etc.
The sharing of hand-held props will be modified to either sanitization between uses or if not feasible, dancers will be given a prop that is not to be shared to reuse each week
Tactile/hands on correction will be limited, with consideration of whether or not PPE is being worn by both teacher and dancer, where the correction needs to be made (i.e. foot vs. arm) as well as the comfort level and/or permission of parents. Please address any concerns you may have regarding this via BAND or email in advance
Dancers should eat outside their time at the studio. If they have an underlying condition in which they need to have a snack with them or they have been given permission due to long days/evenings spent at the studio, they will be given a specific area to eat while following guidelines
If anyone becomes ill during class, they will be sent to a separate room and offered assistance and their parent/guardian will be contacted
Staff will use their best judgement when a situation arises while following guidelines to the best of their abilities based on the circumstances

Cleaning & Sanitization
All high touch surfaces will be properly cleaned and/or sanitized following studio use
Bathrooms will be cleaned after studio use and more frequently as needed
Deep cleaning of the studio will occur on a regular basis
Cleaning logs will be kept
Ventilation & Filtration
Whenever possible, our back room (the DePrince room) will have the garage door and back door open for extra ventilation
Our front room (the Fosse room) has 2 doors that can be opened for extra ventilation and/or the HVAC system can be used. It has recently been inspected and cleaned and filters have been replaced with upgraded HEPA ones

Online & Hybrid Classes
Our classes are primarily in-studio classes and the focus will be on those dancers when the studio is open.
Hybrid classes may be offered as an alternative per the approval of the studio owner
Online classes may be scheduled when the studio is closed per the direction of the studio owner
Please refer to our policies on DSP/Parent Portal for more info or contact us with any concerns

Safety First
We will use our best judgment to help dancers and keep safety as the priority
This may mean we go against guidelines at times to prevent harm or provide aid to a dancer
We will follow our usual safety protocols while maintaining current guidelines as much as possible
Please alert us to any concerns you may have with this in advance

Class Pick Up/Dismissal
Parents/guardians should be prompt in picking up. If you are late, please notify us immediately to make arrangements due to our current reduced occupancy/capacity limits
Dancers will be reminded to socially distance, sanitize and/or wash their hands and wear a face covering as appropriate
Parents/guardians should be available to pick up younger children at the door while socially distancing and wearing face coverings as appropriate
We cannot release anyone without their ride present
Please be patient and courteous to all as we work through implementing all these new guidelines
As we go through this process, we may need to adjust how it works
Dismissal from the DePrince Room (back room) - you may pick up from the back of the building
Please enter around the right of the building (Dollar Tree end)
Dismissal from the Fosse Room (front room) - you may pick up from the main/front door and/or parking lot area is usually only for classes that are held in front (not the majority)
No parking/standing is allowed in front of the studio (Fire Zone) - this is strictly enforced by our landlord/property managers and we will receive a lease violation even after hours

We encourage payments to be made either electronically via Square, Venmo or you may drop a check in the mail slot at the front of the studio. You may also have your dancer use the in-studio drop box for cash or check payments at the entry area but please let us know if you do so. Teachers cannot accept payments. Please ensure your dancer’s info is included and it is in a sealed envelope. We cannot take responsibility for any lost payments. Please refer to our policies for more details.
If you have any questions or concerns with any of these procedures, please let us know prior attending class. We are happy to discuss and clarify any of the guidelines. There is a lot of misinformation out there, even among our industry. We are proud to say we have been very diligent about our efforts and have gone through multiple guidelines (even those of similar industries and populations) to apply the best standards for our studio while meeting and/or exceeding the current guidelines that apply to dance studios. We are excited to be in our new studio and to

Pre-Screening Questionnaire (subject to change based on latest data)

You certify that you are answering these truthfully. When uncertain, best to stay home.
You must complete this pre-screening prior to each time you come to the studio

Have you been feeling unwell in the last 12 hours?

Have you traveled outside the state in the last 14 days (excluding neighboring states that have been cleared for local travel?)

Have you been in contact with anyone with a contagious illness?
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
People with COVID-19 may have mild, moderate, or severe symptoms.
Per Boston Children’s Hospital (most updated info for children) refer to this link as symptom list could change BCH - COVID19 Info
At this time, the focus is on individuals with respiratory illness, particularly those with one or more of the key symptoms: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; or at least two of these symptoms:
fever or chills
shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
muscle or body aches
new loss of taste or smell
sore throat
congestion or runny nose
nausea or vomiting
If you’re worried whether you have symptoms of COVID-19, you can check them with Boston Children’s virtual symptom checker
BCH Screener (click here) CDC Self Checker/Screening Questions

If you have ANY of the above, please DO NOT come to the studio!
Contact us and we can discuss potential alternative arrangements.
We thank you for your cooperation with this policy to ensure the health of ALL our studio members.

This may be different than schools and other industries of a similar nature.