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A free trial lesson at Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance is welcome.
An Enrolment Form must be completed upon commencement of the class enrolling in.
The Enrolment Fee is to be paid before commencing classes.
The Enrolment Fee covers your child’s enrolment registration costs and insurance.
The Enrolment Fee is non- refundable.
Enrolment is valid for one year only.
A new Enrolment Form must be completed to commence class in a new calendar year.
Students will be allocated to the most suited class level, age and experience.
Where a class has reached full capacity, students will be placed on a waiting list.
Please notify the studio of any change of contact information. It is vital to keep our record up to date.
All enrolment details are kept confidential. Your privacy is very important to us.


Parents/ Guardians are to notify Miss.Alysha when their child will be absent from class.
A text message or phone call is appreciated. Communication is very important.
Where a student is injured, they are still expected to attend their class/s to observe.
Students who do not attend on a regular basis may be withdrawn from sections of routines, or routines entirely.
Attendance is expected to be at 100% during Exam and Performance Preparations.
Students understand that Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance is a TEAM working environment who work together towards exams, performances and other events. It is important to attend class every week.
Students must attend ALL compulsory rehearsals.


Where a student no longer wishes to attend classes at Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance, a Parent/Guardian are to notify Miss.Alysha in writing.
There will be NO refunds or credits for withdrawal from classes. Classes are invoiced by the term.


Students are to be respectful and courteous to their teachers and class mates at ALL times.
Students are to arrive early for class to be warmed up and prepared.
If a student is more than 5 minutes late to class they are expected to apologise to their teacher, they will still be able to participate.
It is compulsory for students to wear their correct Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance set uniform to class.
It is important for students to wear the correct uniform and footwear to prevent injury and follow safe dance practice.
Uniform requirements are listed on the Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance website and found in the Information Booklet.
Hair MUST be tied back neatly for class.
No jewellery is to be worn, with the exception of studs.
Students are to wait inside the foyer at all times whilst waiting for their class to commence and when their class has finished.


Parents/Guardians are to show respect at all times to students, teachers and perfect Pointe’ Families.
If Parent/Guardians are running late to pick up students they must contact Miss Alysha.
A Parent/Guardian must come into the hall to collect students .
NO student is to wait or be asked to wait outside the building to be picked up. Once the student leaves the building they are no longer under the care of Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance.
Please keep the noise level to a minimum in the foyer while classes are in progress.
We Kindly ask for siblings waiting in the foyer to be supervised at all times by their Parent/Guardian.
Perfect Pointe School of Dance are not responsible for siblings/minors that attended the studio to wait in the foyer.
Parents/Guardians may watch their child’s class through the viewing window as long as it does not become a distraction to the teacher and students. Photography or Videography from the viewing window is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please see Photography and Videography Policy.
Parents/Guardians are not permitted in the studio while class is in progress, unless invited in by a member of staff.
Parents/Guardians are under no circumstances permitted to interfere with Teacher’s Choreography or communicate with students from the door or window while class is in progress.
It is the responsibility of at least one Parent/Guardian to read newsletters, emails and DANCE STUDIO PRO APP updates to keep informed.
Parents/Guardians are encouraged to LIKE our Facebook and Instagram pages for extra communication and photo opportunities.
All important dates for the calendar year are listed on our website as well as the Information Booklet.
As a Parent/Guardian you understand that Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance promotes fun, fitness, safe dance practice and the passion to dance in an encouraged, supportive and happy environment.’
As a parent/Guardian you are expected to have read and understood the 2019 Terms and Conditions and have acknowledged understanding when signing the Enrolment Form of the student prior to commencing class.


Bullying- Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance has a ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind.
Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance will act on any reported or witnessed incident.


It is a conflict of interest to attend more than one studio. It is expected that students show 100% loyalty to their studio, teachers and fellow classmates.
Students must obtain written permission to participate in external dance, tumbling classes and competitions.
Where students are given written permission to attend external classes, the Parent/Guardian must ensure the students are available to fulfil all of Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance commitments.


Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance maintains a safe and positive dance environment.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they follow safe dance practice instructions by their dance teacher at all times to avoid injury.
It is the responsibility of the student or parent to notify teachers in the event of an injury during or prior to class.
Students are to bring their own water bottle to class.
Where temperatures are 35 degrees and over, classes will not operate. Notification will be given.
Behaviour from students, parents or visitors that may cause an unsafe environment will not be tolerated.
All staff and Volunteers are required to hold a valid Working With Children Check.
Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of its students whilst in their care.


Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance has a NO NUT POLICY.
Many students have allergies to nuts so keep them out of the school.


Please keep the foyer clean and tidy. Pick up your rubbish when leaving. Put chairs away where they are stored.
Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on the premises and with 5 metres from the front gate/entrance.

Physical contact between a teacher and student may be required to demonstrate, correct or assist with dance or tumbling classes.
In the even of an injury, physical contact between staff, students or visitors of Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance must be reported immediately.


Negative communication/fraternizing between parents and/or students will not be tolerated by Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance.
Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance does not tolerate swearing, indecent or disrespect able language, defamatory comments or indecent or disrespectful conduct from students, parents/guardians, family members or visitors.
Should a Parent/Guardian violate the Terms and Conditions or Bullying Policy, engage in behaviours or practices that are deemed to be inappropriate or unsafe, Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance reserve the right to immediately terminate, without further notice, the services and to the extent, permitted by law, no refunds will be given.


Students/Parents/Guardians are not permitted to video or photograph classes, students or staff at any time, unless given permission by Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance and the Parent/Guardian of the other students.
While photographing or videoing your child’s class with permission from Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance, you are to focus only on your child.
Parents/Guardians must be mindful and respect the privacy of the students and families at Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance.
Photography and Videography taken at Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance must NOT be used in any form or way for the public to view without the permission from Perfect Pointe School of Dance and the parent/guardian of the other students.
Mid-Year and Annual Performance Showcase- Photography and Videography is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
Outlined in Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance Enrolment Form - Enrolling at Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance a Parent/Guardian signature is given to accept the photography/videography taken by Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance will be used for promotional purposes only, including website and social media platforms. All photography/videography remain the intellectual property of Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance and will NOT be shared or sold to any other party.


Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance is NOT liable for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
It is the Parent/Guardian responsibility to name the students personal belongings.
Named items will be returned to the student they belong to.


Examinations are taught under the State Dance Association Australia Syllabus for Classical Ballet. Students are encouraged to take examinations at the teacher’s discretion.
Examinations allow students to move through the syllabus gaining knowledge, dance skills and furthering their technique as well as receiving a certificate and medal.
Further information regarding the State Dance Association Australia can be found at


Term fees are NON REFUNDABLE as the student has enrolled in the class for the term.
A 5% Discount is available in the first two weeks of each term.
A 10% Family Discount for two or more siblings is available in the first four weeks of each term.
Term Fee Discounts only apply when full term payment is made within the given timeframe.
Discounts do not apply for weekly or fortnightly instalments.
Term Fees paid in instalments must still be paid when the student is absent from class.
Deductions on term fee payments are NOT made for students absence.
There will be NO refunds or credits for missed classes and NO make-up classes except where the said class is cancelled by the school.
The Annual Performance Fee is paid by the number of classes students are enrolled in.
This Annual Performance Fee ranges from $50-$150.
The Annual Performance Fee covers the wearing of costumes, Compulsory Theatre Rehearsal and the cleaning of costumes at the conclusion of the Annual Performance.
All costumes remain in the hands of Perfect Pointe’ School of Dance and do not go home with students at any time.
The Annual Performance Fee is NON REFUNDABLE.
For some class routines, students may be asked to provide their own top or pants.
A compulsory professional photography session with National Photography is held for students to have photographs taken in their costumes. A small sitting fee is charged prior to the date.
Tickets for the Mid-Year and Annual Performance Showcase are sold through trybooking.com.