Terms & Conditions

May 16, 2021 04:20 AM

By completing this form you agree to the following:

1. All payments will be paid within two weeks of each half term starting and failure to pay on time will result in a late payment fee of 10%. New pupils may pay weekly until the following half term starts, however each class will be charged at £6 per class.

2. We may use your details to contact you regarding important class information and changes to timetables etc. Your personal information will never be passed on to a 3rd party without prior additional consent (ie. exam boards).

3. We may use your data to contact you with information regarding upcoming workshops or events.

4. You give consent for photographs or videos to be taken in class or at performances by our teachers or registered photographers to be used in social media posts and marketing for the school. 

5. Data we hold complies with the GDPR act and all of our devices are encrypted. You have the right to delete or edit your personal data at anytime.
6. If you wish to leave a class, one months written notice must be given, payment will be due until your end date.

7. Unfortunately classes cancelled by Inspire Dance due to snow & other reasons beyond our control will not be refunded. Where possible we will try to re-arrange lessons however this may not always be possible.

8. Your child will wear the designated uniform for each class they take, hair must be up and all jewellery will be removed before dance.

9. All medical conditions will be declared upon completing this form and and new conditions in future must be updated by the parent on the parent portal ASAP.

10. We must be informed in advance if a student will be absent from a class.

11. We will need to use occasional hands on contact to assist students with learning new skills. This may vary and may include holding hands in a circle, placing hands on shoulders or hips to guide students and hands on contact to help students stretch. By accepting our terms you agree for appropriate hands on contact to be used.

12. Students & Parents must behave respectfully towards teachers and fellow students at all times, if not they will be asked to leave.

13. Occasionally Senior students wish to use class video footage to practice at home. Only teachers will be allowed to video class rehearsals and send to students or parents br WhatsApp which is encrypted. These videos are for personal use and practice only, they must not be shared, uploaded or sent on to anyone else as this is a breach of our privacy policy. By agreeing to the T&Cs you agree for rehearsal videos to be taken of your child and sent on but you are not permitted to share or upload.

14. At all times we have a qualified first aider on site. By agreeing to our T&Cs you agree for First Aid treatment to be provided to your child should it ever be required. Any allergies to plasters or dressings etc must be declared in the medical section of this form.
15. Occasionally accidents do happen within acrobatic and dance lessons, by agreeing to our T&Cs you agree not to hold us liable for accidents which are beyond our control.
16. If any classes are cancelled due to a future lockdown or we are forced to close classes will be moved to zoom for the rest of the term and no refund will be given. If your child or you need to isolate we have the option to zoom pupils in, however please let us know in advance of the class starting.