Online Classes

May 16, 2021 04:55 AM

I understand by allowing my child to take part in online classes I do not hold Inspire Dance accountable for any injuries that may occur during or after the lesson by taking part in online classes.

I accept it is my (parent/guardians) responsibility to ensure there is a safe amount of room to dance in. I will also provide when required a mat or something similar for classes such as Acro.

I will ensure my child is correctly dressed for each class, with hair tied up and jewellery removed.

I will supervise my child during their dance lesson and assist if I am asked to by the teacher.

I will also have the right as the parent/guardian to stop my child performing anything deemed unsuitable or too advanced for them.

To safeguard all of our students lessons will not be filmed or shared on any social media without the permission of Amy Hunnings and any other parents/students taking part in classes.