Rules for covid 19 return

Jan 16, 2021 03:13 AM

Inspire Dance Covid 19 Rules & Procedures

*All students must be dropped off and collected at the Hall fire door. Students should line up 2 meters apart and where possible parents should stay in the car and watch their child enter the building to reduce congestion as well as stay in the car. For younger pupils parents bringing them to the door is not a problem but please still socially distance yourself from others.

*Collection and pick ups must be at the exact time due to cross over times and cleaning time between classes. At drop of pupils will be signed in at the door by their teacher and either walked to the small studio or told which colour floor marker to go and sit in. At collection the students will sit down and once we see each parent, either from their car or coming to the studio door we will call your child out to you.

*No parent, sibling or any family member or friend will be allowed in the building. The waiting area will not be in use. 

*Pupils should come fully dressed in appropriate dance clothes eg leotard and leggings and will not get changed between classes except for shoes if they need. Please leave shoes, coats, jumpers, onesie etc in the car or with parents at drop off. Students are recommended to either wear bare feet, jazz shoes (available on our website) or foot undeez/ballet shoes. If you are wearing ballet shoes and foot udeez these must be washed after every class. If they look dirt we will ask students to remove them. 

*Pupils should bring their own filled water bottle to class.

*Pupils should try to not use the toilet at the centre where possible. No pupil will be refused to use the toilets however if they can go at home before that would be appreciated.

*Pupils must hand sanitise their hands and feet on entering and leaving the building, which will be provided by us. If for any reason your child cannot use this you must let us know.

*If you or a family member show any signs or symptoms of covid 19 you must not attend class, if your child develops any symptoms you must inform us so we can let track and trace and any other pupils/families know.

*You must provide a mat for your child to bring if your child is doing acro with us. If you do not have a mat you must let us know before class.

*Pupils do not need to wear a face covering, however if you feel more comfortable with them wearing one then that is not a problem. We have face masks available to purchase.

*There will be no physical contact between pupils and staff members unless there is an emergency or accident.

*Pupils will be expected to social distance and work in their own designated space.

*There are many signs throughout the building which pupils will be expected to adhere too.

All pupils and families must keep to these rules to ensure that we are all as safe as possible. There will also be videos on our Facebook group to show your children and to explain in more detail how this will work. T If you wish to see any of our risk assessment, certificates, first aid and covid training documents and more please let me know or visit your dance portal.