Studio Policies

Mar 29, 2020 08:24 PM

Studio Policies:
Please review and agree to our studio policies:

Tuition is due by the 1st of every month. An automatic late fee of $15.00 will be added on the 15th of each month. Your account will be subject to a $25.00 return check fee if returned by your bank. Tuition is not prorated on months where there is holidays or breaks. We factor these in when pricing for the year. If for any reason you can not make it to a class, you may make it up in another class of the same description within two weeks of your absence.
If you choose to stop attending High Temperature Dance Academy in the middle of any scheduled session, we do require at least a 2 week WRITTEN notice either emailed or mailed in. If even one class is attended in the month, you will be responsible for the months tuition.
Tardiness: Please try to be on time to class. Entering after class begins is a disturbance to the rest of the class and may interrupt the productivity of the class.
Weather cancellations will be posted on our website under ALERTS, posted on our facebook page, and emailed out to our distribution lists. You are allowed to make up this class at any other class within 2 weeks of the cancellations in any other class of the same description.
Behavior: Each student is to abide by the studio rules at all times, in addition to the rules of their individual teacher and classroom. This includes keeping hands to yourself, keeping hands and feet off of the walls, mirrors, and barres unless otherwise directed by the teacher, and giving all parties of High Temperature the necessary respect. Any child who is a constant interruption of these rules may be asked to leave the classroom.
Class Attire: Each child should have the appropriate shoes for the class. On our website there is a link called "registration needs" in which it states everything your dancer will need for class. All shoes may be purchased through High Temperature. We do advise that you place your name in ALL shoes so that they are easily returned in the event you leave them at the studio.
NO GUM, FOOD, OR DRINKS ALLOWED IN DANCE ROOMS! If you do have them in the waiting room we will ask that you clean up after yourself.
Recital dates and location will be announced to you as soon as they are decided upon. Your student will be involved in a recital which will require a costume. There will be an apparel deposit due with October's tuition and the remainder of the costume will be due with December tuition.
Communication: all important communication will come via email. Please be sure you're checking the email address you provided for important updates and monthly information.
Parents are asked to pick up their children INSIDE the studio and be as on time as possible. We are not responsible for children when not in class, INCLUDING siblings.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have... We are so looking forward to working with your family!!
-High Temperature Dance Academy