Jul 20, 2024 11:39 AM

I understand the COVID-19 crisis is still relevant and agree to educate my dancer on good hand washing, not touching face, and not touching other dancers unnecessarily. I understand it is my responsibility to screen my dancers temperature prior to bringing him/her/them for class and if temp is over 99.0 dancer will not be brought to dance. I understand if my dancer has been sick or "under the weather " within the past 24 hours they must not come to dance. I understand my dancer may be exposed to COVID-19 by coming to the studio and choose to bring my dancer anyway. I understand the outcome of COVID-19 exposure is in some cases illness and/or death and will not hold The Dance Academy, Mary Elizabeth (Lizz) Sumners, or any of it's affiliates, instructors, staff, etc. accountable/liable for any exposure. I understand that I am enrolling my dancer of my own free will and assume any consequences that may occur due to illness.

Appropriate times to return to dance post sickness:
Fever: 24hrs
Stomach Virus: 24 hours after symptoms/fever
Flu: 5-7 days from start of symptoms or 48 hours fever free
COVID-19: 14 days symptom and fever free please.