Studio Policies

May 18, 2024 05:06 PM

Communication Policy: You understand that you must check your parent BAND app and email regularly to receive information about our program. Emails sometimes get caught in work or school email spam filters, so it is best to use a personal email address.

Payments Accepted: 4.0 accepts all major credit/debit cards, ACH, and cash payments. We do not accept checks, money orders, or cashier's checks. To avoid a convenience fee you may pay cash on your child's last class before the 25th. Processing fees will occur with all credit/debit/ACH payments.

Late Payment Fees: There is a $25 late fee applied to all payments made after the 25th of each month which must be made by the 15th. If payment is not made by the 15th, your child will not be allowed to attend class, competitions, or any 4.0 events.

Late Pick-Up Fees: There is a $1/minute after a 15-minute grace period for late pick-ups. Late fees will be added to your account and are to be paid by the 15th of the month or your child will not be permitted into class.

Declined Payments: If your autopay is declined, you will be charged a $25 late charge (if applicable) and a $25 return fee will be charged to your account. Be sure to update your card if you receive a new card or have a different payment method.

Billing to Accounts: If your child would like to purchase anything she must 1) have money on her account or 2) be enrolled in the auto-pay program, or 3) pay at the time of purchasing.

Logo Usage: The 4.0 Movement Studios logo and name cannot be replicated. If we see any attire not purchased through our online store, with our logo or studio name on it, we will automatically place a $50 fee on your account. If it happens again, we will place a $100 fee on your account. If it happens a third time, we will ask that you no longer participate in our program since there continue to be clear violations against the rules.

Student Drop Refunds: If you decide to drop from the competitive team we will not offer refunds or exchanges.

Dress Code: Dancers should arrive to class dressed and ready in the appropriate uniform and shoes required for class, according to the 4.0 Movement Studios' dress code document. If my child is out of uniform 3 consecutive times in a row, I understand that she may be asked to sit out of class.

Studio Parking: Parents must park in marked parking spots, not in front of the door or self-created parking spots on the side of the building. If my car is parked in an area not designated for 4.0 Movement Studios parking, I realize that my car could be towed at my expense.

Additional Performances: There will be several performance opportunities available for our dancers this year. Each performance is entirely voluntary and has its own unique set of fees (costume, entrance, etc.).

Private Instruction: Private instruction must be booked through the 4.0 Movement Studios parent portal.

Parent Conferences: Parents may not stop instructors or walk into Studio A or Studio B during any class. If you have specific questions about your child’s performance, you will need to send an email, schedule a conference, or wait until after the class is over to briefly ask your question (outside of Studio A or Studio B).

Cancelling Membership: If your child decides to quit, you will need to provide a 30-day written notice to drop enrollment. You will be charged for any accruing fees during the 30 days and those fees will still be owed. If this payment is declined, or returned, it will be turned over to a collection agency. If this occurs, you will be responsible for all attorney fees related to this matter.

Fundraisers: We will offer fundraisers throughout the season. While some fundraisers give 100% to our families, some may give 30% -50% of the total amount raises, with the rest going to our organization. Accounts must remain at a zero balance while waiting for any fundraiser profits to be applied.

Social Media: You, as a 4.0 Movement Studios parent, always represent our program. This includes your pictures and words on social media. If we feel that you, or your dancer, are representing 4.0 Movement Studios in a distasteful way, we will ask that you remove the content. This includes posting injuries or sharing videos of our routines. If the post is not removed, you understand that your dancer could be removed from the team without any refunds and/or exchanges.

Refunds/Exchanges: We do not refund registration fees, classes, workshops, costumes, performance tickets, or merchandise. In the event of a withdrawal, students may opt to make up missed classes or complete the number of classes paid (within the current season). There are no refunds on account credits. We also do not permit a transfer of payments to another student or family member for unused classes.

Bullying: 4.0 Movement Studios does not tolerate drama, bullying, or any other form of trouble. If you are found to be the source or if you participate in the studio, you will be asked to leave the program without a refund or exchange of any funds paid.

Auto-Pay: I represent and warrant that if I am purchasing something or paying for a service from this facility or other merchants through this facility (i) any credit card or bank account draft (ACH Draft) information I supply is true and complete, (ii) charges incurred by me will be honored by my credit card company or financial institution, and (iii) I will pay the charges incurred by me at the posted prices, including any applicable taxes, fees, and penalties. I hereby authorize (if online payment is made or autopay information is provided) this facility to charge my ACH draft or credit card account. I understand that a 30-day written notice is required to terminate billing and I am responsible for payment whether or not my student attends classes until I notify this facility in writing to drop my student from class(es). Should I dispute a charge through my financial institution this will constitute a breach of contract possibly resulting in, but not limited to, penalties, additional fees, collection, legal action, and/or termination of any and/or all current and future services. Agreeing to these policies means if this account is not paid when due, and the account holder should retain an attorney or collection agency for collection, I agree to pay all costs of collection including court costs, reasonable interest, reasonable attorney's fees, and reasonable collection agency fees.

Prorated Tuition: 4.0 Movement Studios does not prorate tuition. The full monthly tuition will be due each month a student
attends class during that month. The only exception is if you start mid-month, your first month will be prorated. If you set a drop date mid-month you are still required to pay the full amount of tuition. You are still allowed to finish the month of classes regardless of when your drop date is scheduled.

Class/Team Drops: You are responsible for payment for your student's classes WHETHER OR NOT YOUR STUDENT ATTENDS CLASS until the time you notify our staff VIA WRITTEN NOTICE. Please do not rely on your student to verbally let us know that she will no longer be attending classes. If a student stops coming to class without notification then that student's account will be charged for the additional 30 days. This charge will be for holding the student's place in that class instead of offering that place to s student on our waiting list.

Make-Up Classes: All missed classes should be made up within 30 days of the missed class. They can only be made up with the same class during the same season. If the same class is not offered at a different time from the currently enrolled class, parents can schedule a similar class suggested by a 4.0 Movement Studios team member. We highly suggest joining our On-Demand "Spot TV" class if you are unable to physically come into the studio. This will take the place of a physical make-up class.

By signing, I am indicating my agreement to all policies and procedures indicated above and put into place by 4.0 Movement Studios. I understand by breaking any of these rules listed above, or in the handbook.