Helen Clark School of Dancing - Policy, Indemnity & Waiver

Jul 06, 2022 11:48 AM



I wish to enrol in Helen Clark School of Dancing’s dance, singing and/or acrobatic classes. I agree to pay the fees associated with these classes by the due date. I understand that my enrolment will be discontinued if my fees are not paid in full by the due date.


I give permission for my child to be photographed and filmed by Helen Clark School of Dancing or its appointed agent, during classes, eisteddfods, other competitions and the end of year concert.

I give permission for such photographs/films to be displayed:

• On Helen Clark School of Dancing’s social media pages and website;

• On Helen Clark School of Dancing’s end of year concert program, DVD cover and associated materials; and

• For general marketing purposes.


I have read Helen Clark School of Dancing’s ‘Guidelines’ (Annexure A) and ‘Performance Team Expectations’ (Annexure B) and agree to abide by them. I understand that a failure to comply with any of the rules and conditions contained therein will result in the immediate cancellation of my child’s enrolment from the dancing school.


I hereby give my consent for my child to participate in Helen Clark School of Dancing’s Dancing, Singing and Acrobatic classes, eisteddfods, competitions and events. I understand that risk of injury is inherent in any physical activity, including dance and acrobatics, and I, on behalf of myself and my child, knowingly and voluntarily accept that risk. I hereby waive and release Sarah Zeidler individually and Helen Clark School of Dancing, its agents, employees, contractors and voluntary workers from any and all claims or damages of any kind arising out of my child’s participation in the classes, eisteddfods, competitions, or other events of Helen Clark School of Dancing. I further certify that the aforementioned student is in proper physical condition to participate in the Acrobatic/Dance program. I authorise Sarah Zeidler or her designated agents (being the teachers or administrators of Helen Clark School of Dancing) to obtain medical treatment for my child if it should be necessary and I accept responsibility for payment of any expenses associated with such treatment.


The personal information we collect from you will be used to perform all administrative functions associated with your child being involved in dancing, singing and acrobatic classes, activities and events conducted by Helen Clark School of Dancing. It will also be used to ensure that your child has a safe and enjoyable time. Failure to supply the information will limit our ability to provide a safe and enjoyable environment. Health information will be used solely to ensure your child receives optimum health care. If we want to use this information for any other purpose, we will ask for your consent.



• All students, parents and supporters are required to be on their best behaviour at dancing eisteddfods and/or other events where they are representing the school. In particular, we require good sportsmanship (towards other schools/students), encouragement within our school and etiquette towards all eisteddfod/event staff and volunteers.

• All parents and students are to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. Any issues within the dancing school involving other parents or students are to be reported directly (and only) to a Helen Clark School of Dancing Teacher.

• All students and parents are to treat the teachers with respect and courtesy. No rude behaviour or ill treatment towards any of the teachers will be tolerated.

• All students are to make an effort to be friendly to each other. This does not mean that all students need to be 'best friends' but merely that they should be courteous, inclusive and respectful to each other in order to maintain a friendly culture.


Without prior permission from the class teacher, no parents, guardians or siblings are permitted to sit in on classes outside of pre-determined viewing days.

Students need to come prepared for each class. This means that all students must bring:

• All necessary shoes (including tap shoes, ballet shoes, jazz shoes and foot thongs);
• Bandaids and/or tape with scissors;
• Screwdrivers and spare screws (for tap shoes);
• Splinter removers (for jazz and acrobatic work); and
• Adequate snacks and water.

Students are required to wear appropriate dance attire to each class. This means that students must:

• Wear appropriate dance attire (such as leotards, bike pants or active wear);
• Appropriately fasten their hair (in a bun, braids or other style) to avoid it falling in their eyes or otherwise distracting them during classes.


Unless you have specifically entered into a payment plan, all tuition and other payments must be current and up to date before the child is permitted to re-enrol each term.


• Parents/guardians are not permitted to film or photograph any teacher or student during classes without the prior written permission of the parent/individual involved.

• Parents/guardians are not permitted to put any videos, photographs or other media content of any teacher or student (other than their own child) on social media/the internet without the prior written permission of the parent/individual involved.

• Students, parents and guardians (while members of the school) are not permitted to write negative or harmful comments relating to the school or any of its students, teachers or parents/guardians on social media/the internet. Any such conduct will result in the immediate cancellation of the student's enrolment.


• Examinations are not compulsory. Students are permitted to undertake technique classes without sitting the exam.

• Whether or not a student sits a particular dancing exam is at the discretion of the class teacher.


• Solo and/or Duo classes are not automatically offered to each student. Rather, such classes are only offered to students at the discretion of the individual teacher.

• If a student is offered solo and/or duo lessons for one year (or another period of time), there is no guarantee or requirement for the individual teacher or the dancing school to continue to provide that student with solo and/or duo lessons for the following year (or another period of time). Rather, the provision of such lessons is at the discretion of the individual teacher and may be revoked by that particular teacher at any time.

• All Solo and Duo routines are the property of Helen Clark School of Dancing. If any child leaves the dancing school they will not be permitted to perform any solo or duo routines at eisteddfods or competitions without the prior permission of the dancing school.



Helen Clark School of Dancing attends 3-4 eisteddfods per year and this requires many hours of rehearsals and an unwavering commitment from all of the dancers and their families.

The approximate dates for the 2022 Eisteddfods are set out below:

• Ipswich Combined Teachers Dance Festival (Ipswich Civic Centre): 29th April 2022 –2nd May 2022.

• Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod (Ipswich Civic Centre): 10th – 12th & 17th – 19th June 2022.

• Lockyer District Dance Festival (Gatton Shire Hall): 8th – 11th September 2022.

• Toowoomba Eisteddfod (Empire Theatre Toowoomba): Late July 2022 - mid August 2022


Helen Clark School of Dancing holds an end of year concert each year. The details for the 2020 End of Year Concert are as follows:

• Concert Details: Mid-November 2022 (exact date TBA), Ipswich Civic Centre.

• Rehearsal 1 Details: TBD; and

• Rehearsal 2 Details: TBA, Ipswich Civic Centre.

If you want to participate in the concert, you must be available for all three dates.


Unless prior notice has been given to the class teacher, each student participating in the performance/eisteddfod classes must attend:

• All scheduled practices (including extra practices outside the normal weekly lesson); and

• All eisteddfods and competitions.

Please note:

• There will be three weekend rehearsals in Term 1 and one practice during the April School holidays to work on the eisteddfod routines (before the first eisteddfod in April/May). We will advise you of these dates in the near future. All participating students must attend these rehearsals.

• If students are sick (subject to COVID requirements, and unless seriously unwell or hospitalised) we require them to still attend performance class, even if it is just to watch. Changes to routines happen regularly and students miss important information if they miss any lessons. Previously we have had students recovering from surgery or with broken bones sit and watch classes so they are still involved in any changes etc.

• If students are sick on the day of a performance (subject to COVID requirements, and unless seriously unwell or hospitalised), we require them to attend the performance and dance to the best of their ability. It is nearly impossible to re-space a dance successfully on the day of the competition and if one child is missing it affects every child in the group.

• Group dances are a team event. If one child does not attend a particular practice session or competition it affects every child in that group. Accordingly, all students participating in the group classes must be committed to attending every practice session, eisteddfod and competition. If you are planning an overseas holiday or important life event that may clash with these dates, please notify us ASAP. It is very difficult to re-pattern routines to accommodate missing dancers.

• Further, please note that dancers who are in 6 years, 8 years, 10 years or 12 years Eisteddfod/Performance teams may need to take time off school to attend these eisteddfods. Unless a child has a compulsory school exam that they cannot reschedule (i.e. if they are in grade 7) it is expected that children will take time off school, if needed, to attend these competitions.


All group/ eisteddfod routines are designed for the benefit of the group as a whole. When creating a routine the choreographer aims to:

• Enable every child to show off their ability and be seen on stage; and

• Create a routine which is challenging for all ability levels and visually exciting for the audience.

Balancing these factors is a difficult task and ultimately it is at the individual teacher's discretion as to choreography of the routine and the placement of dancers.


• Performances require costumes, make-up and various hairstyles.

• Costumes are either hired to the student for a fee by the dance school (where possible) or purchased by the parents.

• Parents are responsible for purchasing all tights, shoes, make-up and hair styling accessories eg. pins, gels etc.

• All students, regardless of age, will be required to wear make-up on stage to enhance their features under the bright stage lights. We will advise specific hair and make-up details in future eisteddfod correspondence.


All students, parents and supporters are required to be on their best behaviour at dancing eisteddfods and/or other events where they are representing the school. In particular, we require good sportsmanship (towards other schools/students), encouragement within our school and etiquette towards all eisteddfod/event staff and volunteers.


The following points are to be noted for each age group:

• Children born in 2017): These children can elect to attend the 6 years groups Performance Class to learn the Novelty dance. All children in this class will be able to perform the Novelty dance in the end of year concert. However, attending this class does not guarantee that a child will be ready to perform the dance at eisteddfods in 2022. Rather, attending this class is an opportunity for the children to learn more steps and extend their knowledge. As children born in 2017 are so young, it can take a year of practicing before they have mastered the steps.

• All Other Age Groups (6 years to Open Groups): All children attending Performance Classes are guaranteed to be in at least one group dance. While we aim for the children to be in multiple dances, attendance in this class does not automatically mean that the children will be in any more dances for the eisteddfods. Participation in additional dances depends on age and ability. Only children that have mastered the additional dances will be in them for the eisteddfod.

• Attendance in ‘Optional’ Performance Classes: Often we invite the oldest children in an age group to attend the group practices for the subsequent age group (we call these ‘Optional Performance Classes’). Please note that the main focus of this is to challenge the children and get them ready for the subsequent year when it is their actual age group. Accordingly, even if they attend the practices for the older age group, there is no guarantee that they will be ready to perform the dances at eisteddfods in that year. All of the dances are designed to cater for the ability level of the oldest children in the age group and it often takes the younger children 6-12 months to master the steps. However, joining an older age group is good practice and a fun opportunity!!!

• Unless exceptional circumstances apply (which has specifically been consented to) a child cannot dance in an older age group unless they also dance in their actual ‘age-allocated’ age group.