Parent Code of Conduct

Jul 20, 2024 09:55 AM

Parent Code of Conduct:

As a Stagelights PAC Parent/Guardian, I pledge that I will participate in my child's performing arts activities in accordance with the following:
*I recognize the importance of the performing arts education in the lives of children.
*I understand that hiring of Stagelights instructors for private lessons, choreography, or special events in the areas of dance, voice, or acting may only be done through Stagelights PAC studio and payments systems.
*I understand that all Stagelights instructors are contracted employees of Stagelights Performing Arts Center Inc. and may only work with Stagelights PAC's students and associated family members through Stagelights PAC.
*I understand that Stagelights PAC instructors are available for private lessons, choreography, and private events if hired through Stagelights PAC.
*I understand that hiring Stagelights instructors privately/outside of Stagelights PAC studio and payment systems for lessons, choreography, or special events in dance, voice, or acting is strictly prohibited.
*I understand that all lessons and choreography must be done in Stagelights PAC leased studio space.
*I understand that Stagelights PAC insurance policies only cover Stagelights PAC contracted lessons and services in our leased facilities or at our approved events.
*I understand that this policy protects our students and instructors and makes sure all communication is clearly outlined related to private lessons, choreography, or special events.
*I recognize that Stagelights PAC hires experts in their field of performing arts and I will respect and support the professional judgement of any faculty member, instructor, or choreographer. I will speak to all faculty, administrators and other parents with dignity and respect. Profanity on our premises is strictly prohibited.
*I will support my child's classmates, teachers, and choreographers and resolve to allow the teachers to manage their performers and artistry as they feel best benefits the entire program. Only Stagelights employees have the right to direct and conduct classes and shows according to their discretion.
*I will encourage my child's interaction with classmates to respect differences in skillsets, foster teamwork and sportsmanship, and be part of the positive environment.
*Because I am a role model for my child as well as other performers, my personal conduct at the studio, performances, competitions, and other studio events must be above reproach, positive and encouraging, and represent the highest standards of teamwork and sportsmanship.
*I understand that the Stagelights Performing Arts Center, Inc. and Broadway Magic Foundation Inc. logos are copyrighted material and strictly prohibited from being used without the written consent of owner, Lisa Ferlita.

I have read and will adhere to this policy.