Terms & Conditions

Dec 03, 2022 07:08 PM

- Term Fees are payable by the due date stated on the invoice. If payment is not received in this time, the student will be excluded from class, until payment is received and will incur a 10% late fee.
- Refund Policy: No refunds will be given once the term has commenced or if students are unable to attend class.
- I hereby give permission for my child to attend dance classes and I understand that while every care and safety measure will be taken, participation in dance activities carries a risk of physical injury
- I agree for my child to be considered for Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Acro examinations, he/she MUST attend the required classes per week of their level.
- I understand that dance is a hands-on art form and teachers or other students may on occasion have physical contact with students.
- LCDA purchases equipment from qualified companies, such as Aerial equipment. Whilst every care is taken in care & maintenance to prevent equipment failure, there is still a small chance.
- I hereby indemnify LCDA or its servants or agents against any claim by me on behalf of the above named student in relation to any injury sustained to my child’s person or any damage sustained to his/her property. Should it be considered at any time that the child requires medical assistance or hospital treatment, I hereby direct and authorise LCDA staff to obtain this assistance if needed.
- All choreography and class work taught to students (including for performance events or competitions) remains the property of La Creme Dance Academy and is not to be used or performed externally without prior consent.
- While not participating in dance classes, children remain the responsibility of parents/caregivers at all times. La Creme Dance Academy do not take responsibility for students before or after the class/es in which children are enrolled.
- LCDA reserves the right to decline or cancel an enrolment at any time.