Photo Waiver and Liability Waiver

May 18, 2024 06:00 PM

I hereby agree to release The Core Academy, LLC, all owners, and all affiliates participating in this class/event harmless of all liability, and hereby acknowledge that I knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for all risks of physical injury arising out of active participation in this class/es, event/s on behalf of the participant.
- I am aware that this is a release of liability and acknowledgment of my own accord and knowing assumption of risk of injury.
Ihavesignedthisdocumentvoluntarilyandofmyownfreewillinexchangefortheprivilegeof participation.
- In the event of injury to my child, I hereby grant authority to a qualified physician to render emergency medical treatment as said physician deems necessary under the circumstances.
- I have completely read and understand the medical/liability release, safety regulations.
- I hereby authorize The Core Academy LLC, /director/their agent to act in my child’s behalf to provide medical treatment. I will hold harmless The Core Academy LLC and their owners, staff, directors and any affiliates members and volunteers from any and all liability.
- I understand that there are risks of physical injury (including but not limited to cuts, sprains, broken bones and/or catastrophic injury) associated with, class/event participation.
- In recognition of this acknowledged risk of injury, I knowingly and voluntarily waive all rights and/or causes of action of any kind, all claims of negligence, arising as a result of such activity from which any liability could accrue to The Core Academy LLC, its officers, owners, agents, employees, instructors, volunteers, subsidiaries, parent corporations and all affiliated entities.
-I give consent to have my child/s and or my first name, only used onTheCoreAcademyLLC marketing material or website.
- My child has my permission to attend/participate in the agreed upon class/es and event/s. I have thoroughly read BOTH Release Sections of this TCA form: