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Jun 02, 2023 03:34 AM

Medical Authorization and Liability Release
EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: For minor injuries, CEA policy is to call the parent/guardian listed above, inform them, and follow their directions. In the rare case of a more serious injury, Colorado Eclipse All Star policy is to first call 911, then call the parent/guardian listed above.
EMERGENCY TREATMENT PRE-AUTHORIZATION: I authorize CEA and its representatives to consent to medical treatment for my child when I cannot be reached to so consent. I also give CEA to administer the necessary emergency care to my child to stabilize and/or improve the current injury or condition that my child may have sustained during activities related to CEA instruction, practices, or performances. No prior determination to life threatening emergency or danger of serious or permanent injury resulting from treatment need be made under this authorization.
MINOR INJURIES / OTC MEDICATION: CEA will provide bandages for minor scraps & cuts. We will ONLY provide Tylenol/Advil with parent/guardian verbal consent (in person or over the phone) each time a request is made. We do not provide any other medications.
SAFETY PROCEDURES / LIABILITY RELEASE: CEA strives to provide the maximum in safety procedures, guidelines, and enforcement, and therefore assumes no responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur. I am fully aware that any activity involving motion, height, athletic activity, and/or gymnastic equipment (ie Tumbl-Trak®, trampoline, etc) creates the possibility of serious injury, and I further agree to hold CEA and its staff and officers harmless for any injury or resulting expenses. I also understand the risk of Covid 19. I release and discharge all rights and claims against CEA and its parties.
Welcome to CEA!
Monthly Tuition
To ensure your spot in class, be sure to make your payments on time. Spots are first come first serve.
★ Payments are due on the 20th of the Month Prior (Jan is due Dec 20th)
★ $50 Late Fee after the 20th
★ Payments are Direct Deposit ONLY or parent can pay with card prior (card still must be on file) We DO NOT accept cash, money order or checks for Tuition and Fees.
★ All Tuition and some merchandise is non refundable
★ Unpaid tuition will result in an athlete being dropped from the class.
No refunds or credits for missed classes due to illness, vacations, snow, early withdrawal, or holidays. CEA does not offer make up classes for missed classes!

General Class Dress Code:
• Hip Hop– Street clothing that covers stomach when tumbling, CLEAN non-marking tennis shoes
• Ballet- Leotard, pink ballet shoes, tights, hair secured back in a bun, skirts (OPTIONAL) (adults can wear any form fitting attire for ballet).
• Jazz/poms -Leotard and leggings, biker short, tights or jazz pants, and jazz shoes. Hair must be pulled back out of the face.
• Tap – Tap shoes form fitted top and pants or shorts.
• Cheer and Tumbling-Form fitted shirt and shorts or dance attire, CLEAN non-marking sneakers. NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND!!! HAIR MUST BE UP!

Team members are to practice good personal hygiene. NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND is permitted in practice or performance. Jewelry creates an unsafe environment for stunting and tumbling. Only authorized practice apparel must be worn. Hair must be pulled up & back completely off face & shoulders using a hair band.
Everyone associated with CEA (i.e., coaches, athletes, family members, etc.) is expected to uphold a high level of sportsmanship and character. Positive attitudes, words, and actions are expected at all times.
The following rules specifically apply:
★No alcoholic beverages will be consumed at any event, competition, or practice by athletes, staff or family attending. Any violation of this clause will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
★Foul or abusive language by team members or parents during events, competition, or practice will not be tolerated and will be grounds for possible suspension or dismissal from the program.
★Failure to abide by the safety policy within this manual will be grounds for suspension and/or dismissal from the program.
Sportsmanship and team unity are very important to our organization. Please be courteous and considerate to all teams and athletes. This includes other all-star programs and other CEA teams. Please don’t speak negatively about any person, decision, or result. This includes social media (Facebook, Twitter) and message boards! We strive to teach our athletes respect and sportsmanship.
Please treat the gym with respect and follow the gym’s guidelines. No food or drink (aside from water) is allowed in the gym. Participants are responsible for picking up after themselves. All garbage, food, drink bottles, etc. must be placed in trash containers. All participant items should be placed in a cubby or locker room, not left on the floor. CEA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Parents will be held responsible for their child’s neglect of these rules which may include cleaning and/or paying for any damage to the gym and equipment.
Any action which brings undue embarrassment to the CEA will be grounds for dismissal.
All parents & visitors must remain in the waiting area during practices/classes. Athletes whose parents are excessively negative, rude, or persist in gossiping about team members, coaches, or the gym will be banned from the viewing area and may be asked to leave the program. We are trying to create a positive, pleasant learning environment for our athletes and a positive teaching environment for our coaches. Please treat the coaches with the same respect you would expect to be treated with.
While we strive to provide the safest possible environment for our athletes, but injuries and/or illnesses may occur. CEA is not liable for any expenses arising from injuries or illnesses resulting from participation in our program. Every athlete must have their own insurance coverage to defray medical or other expenses. CEA insurance policy states all members need to sign a release form prior to practicing.
Team members may not attempt gymnastics stunts or partner stunts without proper instruction, adequate facilities and equipment, sufficient supervision and spotters. Team members will not use equipment without coach supervision. Team members who arrive early for practice or class or stay late to wait for a ride may not be on any equipment!
All Head coaches are ACCAA or USASF safety certified to ensure your child is receiving the proper progression instruction. Our entire staff is also CPR and First Aid Certified as well as concussion certified!
Representing CEA
All music, cheers, dances, stunts, and any choreography or ideas that are presented to athletes during practices are to remain confidential and should not be discussed, taught, or given to others outside our program. The coaching staff puts great effort into creating original material for our teams, and we do not wish for it to be shared with friends, school teammates, athletes or parents in other all-star programs. You may not use any of our material for your school team! You must have permission to post videos of practice and/or competitions on social networks (YouTube or Facebook).
The name “Covert Elite”, “Covert Elite Athletics” and “Covert Elite All Star" as well as the logos are the property of Covert Elite Athletics.
Permission is required before anyone may create any product that uses or displays our name or logo. All sales involving CEA merchandise must go through CEA. No one may produce ANYTHING with the words “Covert" and “Covert Elite”, “Covert Elite Athletics” or the logo without the expressed, written consent of Covert Elite Athletics

Labor Day
Halloween Day
Thanksgiving Break
Christmas Break
President’s Day
Spring Break March
Memorial Day

Thank you for choosing to become a part of the CEA family! We will strive to help your athlete reach his or her goals!
CEA Staff