Studio Policies

Sep 18, 2021 06:33 PM

• To enrol at our studio a parent/guardian and student must read and agree to our policies and procedures.
• An enrolment form with photography permission must then be completed and handed in. Fees will then be charged accordingly. Most terms are 10 weeks closely following school terms
.• Students will be enrolled into suitable classes according to age and experience and this is determined by a qualified dance teacher
.• Enrolment is for an entire year. Cancellation must be made in writing to or handed to reception. No refunds are given for term fees paid in advance. Two weeks’ notice is required.
• The studio must be contacted if a student will be absent from class for any reason.
• Enrolment information must be updated if it changes. This includes your email address and mobile phone numbers.
Fees Policy
• Fees are payable on or before the first class of the term. If payments are not made in advance or prior to the commencement of class, your child will may not be able to participate in class until all monies due are paid in full.
• Payments can be made by direct deposit, cheque or cash.
• Overdue accounts with the exception of those with payment schedules will be charged an additional$10.00 late fee if not paid within 2 days of the due date.
• If parents have difficulty paying fees, please email or hand a note to Belinda to discuss financial arrangements prior to due payments.• No refund or credit is given for missed classes (extreme medical conditions considered). Makeup classes are offered at a similar standard or style if the same class is not available as long as there is space in the class.• There are no refunds for concert fees once costumes are organised.
Query & Complaint Procedures
• We appreciate sometimes parents need to talk to teachers about their children but this may not be during class time. Please make a time outside class time when teachers are free.
• If your query about your child is lengthy or of a private nature please arrange to make an appointment with Belinda or your teacher. Requests can be made in writing or by emailing or phone the studio. Please advise if you need a specific teacher at the meeting.
• If you wish to lodge a complaint about another member of the studio please email or write to Belinda at• All complaints and queries will be dealt with promptly, seriously and with sensitivity and remain confidential.
Injury Policy
• Dancing is an activity where injuries can occur.
• Injuries must be reported to the teacher by the students. This is important to be aware they have hurt themselves.
• When an injury occurs at our studio we will complete an injury record for the
parent. Depending on the severity of the injury we do expect the parent to take the student to a physiotherapist or appropriate medical practitioner of choice.
• Students who have been injured must present a clearance report from their practitioner stating they are able to return to classes. If the injury is ongoing we must receive reports regularly so we are aware of the restrictions placedon the student
.• We are not liable for personal injuries.
Social Media
Danceology is a social media studio. We currently have a facebook page (Danceology) and an Instagram account (danceology_danceandmovement). Please find us and like our pages to stay up to date with current information. A parent Information group will be open on facebook once students have enrolled. Only current students and parents will be invited to join this group, please do not add anyone who is not a studio member. You will find attached to this pack a waiver to allow your child to appear in class photos, or photos for promotional/advertising purposes. If for any reason you do not wish photos to be taken of your child for social media purposes please let staff know, you will need to fill out the form but please cross it off and do not agree to the terms. Teachers will be notified of any children not allowed to appear in photos. You must remember that the concert and any other public performances throughout the year will be recorded and photos will be taken, Unless you choose to not attend. Please share any photos you may take at events in our facebook parent group.
Social Media Policy
• This is to clearly define our expectations and guidelines for members engaging in social media that relates to its studio or members.
• You must be clear and ensure any information is factual and accurate.
• Any information must respect individuals and the studio.Information must not damage in any way the studios or members reputations or bring disrepute.
Studio Rules
• All members must clean up after themselves. Change areas and amenities are to be kept clean and tidy. Bags are to be neatly in the studio or in the waiting area. Food is only to be consumed in the waiting area. Please make sure you dispose of rubbish in the allocated bins
.• There is to be no running or acrobatics in waiting areas. Siblings must be supervised at all times.
• We are a smoke free environment so please don’t smoke in or around the property. • There is to be no gum or foods i.e. noodles requiring boiling water at our studios. Drinks must be in sealed containers only
.• No food or drink (excluding water) in a sealed container is allowed into the studios. This includes all attending watching day
.• All mobile phones must be switched off whilst in class.
• Students are responsible for their own property. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
• Lost property is found in the student change area and is emptied at the end of every term. Please check for lost items. Ensure all dance clothing & shoes are labelled.
• All students must remain inside the studio building until they are collected by their parents or a responsible adult. This is for the safety of all students and must be adhered to.
• Parents are not permitted to view class unless given special permission. This allows the students to concentrate on their class work.We provide an Open week at the last class of each term and an Annual concert for parents to see their child’s progress and encourage them to attend both of these events. Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting area. Parents at open days must supervise siblings who need to remain seated and all must watch quietly.
• Students are not permitted to bring friends to classes or rehearsals.
• Communication is imperative please check Facebook and the website regularly for dates and information.
• Students need to practice to improve their skills especially when exams, competitions or shows are approaching.
• Private lessons are offered during school holidays.• Consistent practice is required at home each week to achieve and maintain flexibility.Members Behaviour Policy
• All students are expected to show consideration and respect to all teachers in the school and also to each other. This will ensure a happy and pleasant environment for everyone
.• All students must conduct themselves with honesty and courtesy and show consideration to all teachers and coaches, fellow students, parents and staff.
• Students need to remember they are a role model for other students and show leadership by setting an example through their actions and speech. They need to embrace the dance family rules.
• All students need to take responsibility for adhering to the rules of our studios. To bring up concerns with the appropriate person and bewilling to receive direction and coaching as appropriate.
• All students need to represent a high level of integrity and avoid gossip, criticism or disparaging comments about fellow students, teachers & coaches or others involved in our studios. Have the willingness to face issues and concerns with maturity and dignity.
• Be committed to giving 100% at all times
.• Parents will be notified if student behaviour becomes unacceptable
.• Parents must understand that dance is fun but also a discipline, your child may receive corrections, your child may be asked to repeat things numerous times. This is the teacher striving for results, maximising their potential and sometimes working to a deadline (concert, exams, or performances). Corrections mean your child is being watched and the teacher wants the best for them.
• Parents are asked to have their child at the studio ten minutes prior to the lesson.
• Correct foot wear must be worn at all times. Only dance shoes are to be worn in the studios by students.
• Clothing must be clean and washed and appropriate for dance.
• Hair must be worn in a bun or ponytail for all dance classes with hair off the face.