2020-2021 SEASON

Jun 09, 2023 12:40 PM

2020-2021 POLICIES

Thank you for registering at Xtreme Rhythm Dance Academy. Please note when
you register into a class you are signing up for a complete season on the class,
and will be charged for the class monthly. The system assumes you are present
and will charge accordingly.

General Policies
• Time adjustments are made to classes based on 4 or less students in attendance
• The Studio Director/Instructor has discretion to require that a student observe a
lesson for appropriate reasons
• Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your student
• For their safety, all students must be escorted into the studio before lessons and
wait inside the studio to be picked up after lessons
• No Food or Drink allowed in the studio
• Parents are responsible for monitoring all siblings not in lessons
• Xtreme Rhythm and it’s staff are not liable for any damage to or losses of
personal property or valuables
• Any choreography learned by a student is the sole property of the Studio and
may not be copied or used for any activity outside of the Studio’s scope.
Permission must be granted by the Studio for any student to use Studio
choreography at any venue where the member is not with the Studio or acting on
behalf of the Studio
• All imagery including, but not limited to, photographs and video recordings of a
student is the sole property of the Studio and may be used at the discretion of the
Studio for advertising/promotional purposes
• NO person(s) allowed in the dance space without an Xtreme Rhythm instructor
• It is the responsibility of the parent to inform Xtreme Rhythm of any changes of
enrollment – accounts will not be refunded if a dancer takes a month off and has
not informed Xtreme Rhythm
• Xtreme Rhythm reserves the right to refuse service to anyone
Please note NEW tuition due dates listed below
- A Registration Form & Waiver of Liability must be completed for every student before
enrolling in any lessons or participating in any trial classes
- Please supply requested updates to your client account when requested by Xtreme
Rhythm in a timely manor
- ALL class placements are solely at the discretion of the Instructor and/or Studio
- Upon registration the first month’s tuition is due along with the $25 registration fee.
*Please note that our 45 minute classes are charged the same as our hourly rate.
Monthly installments are payable September through June and are due on or before the
first class of each month.
-TUITION balances will be billed automatically using the card on file on the 1st of
each month. If another payment method is preferred, balances must be paid
using another method before the 2nd or else the card on file will be charged.
Credit Card Form attached.
- If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, you will be charged a $15.00 late
fee. This policy will be strictly enforced.
There is a $20.00 Service Charge for all checks returned unpaid by the bank.
- All tuition paid in full at registration receives an additional 10% discount (cash only!).
- Please treat Xtreme Rhythm Dance Academy as a gym membership, For any reason
other than a medical issue(With a doctors note) such as other sports and out of school
activities, change of mind, If you do decide to opt out of dance classes from January
2017 until the end of the dance term, You still owe those months of tuition.
-30 Day notice is required to cancel an Account Holder’s studio account otherwise card
will be charged.
- Tuition is non refundable under any circumstances and we do not prorate tuition or
- Our dance schedule runs accordingly with the Public School Calendars for all Schools
Vacations, Closings, Early dismissal and Extra Curricular active cancellations and No
refunds or adjustments will be made.
- All holidays have been taken into consideration.
- If Xtreme Rhythm closes due to any weather conditions, the class can be made up
during that month, by taking any other class that is on the schedule or another day
scheduled that is approved by the studio.
No refunds will be made for any school closings, sickness or excused absences.
Missed Class time can be made up anytime during the week.
- If your child will be missing a class, please call before the class starts to let the
teacher know.
- $50 Costume deposits are due with November 1st tuition payment; the balance of the
costume payment will be due with the February tuition payment.
Once costumes orders are placed (November 31, 2020) there are no refunds beyond
this date, and must be paid, no exceptions. No costume will be ordered without a
paid costume deposit.
- All tuition, costume and competition fees MUST be paid in full before costumes are
distributed. Costumes are not distributed until your account is paid in full for the
season. (JUNE)
Costume prices are $65 and up. Students will be measured in October. We do leave
room for growth when ordering the costumes.
Costumes are not custom made; Xtreme Rhythm is not responsible for alterations.
- Parents are responsible for purchasing tickets to Xtreme Rhythm performances in
advance – Xtreme Rhythm makes no guarantee that tickets will not sell out
- At the Director’s discretion a new student may be invited to perform regardless of
enrollment date
- No make up classes are allowed 30 days prior to a performance
- Any dancer who is absent with in the 60 days prior to a show can be removed from the
show at Directors discretion
- Dress Rehearsals and Show are held in place of normal class and included in your
monthly tuition payment
*Students are required to remain backstage with instructors for the length of the full
show – NO PARENTS are permitted backstage
- NO student will be released during a show – NO EXCEPTIONS
Xtreme Rhythm Dancer Dress Code
Dance Attire & Etiquette – STRICTLY ENFORCED!
• Students are required to wear appropriate shoes and attire to all lessons; Jeans
and dresses are not acceptable for any lesson
• Ballet students are required to wear a leotard and tights; hair in a bun
• Parents are responsible to supply all appropriate shoes & dance attire
• Hair must be pulled away from the face and securely fastened
• No excessive jewelry should be worn during lessons
• No outside shoes allowed on the dance floors
• Dance shoes must not be worn outside
• Xtreme Rhythm is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage to personal