Sep 22, 2020 07:31 PM

By registering at Made Talents, you, the participant (or legal parent/guardian of the student(s)) on your account are made aware that Made Talents reserves the right to photograph and film students in their classes for advertising and publicity purposes, including but not limited to our social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, our website, and any printed advertising such as brochures, posters and newspaper articles, as well as teacher education resources including, but not limited to, instructional videos for the purposes of training new staff or teaching the dancers. Students’ names and private information will never be used without permission by parents. If you do not wish to have you or your child’s image used in any of the above listed advertising or promotional locations, notice must be given in writing and can be sent via email to You also are made aware that Made Talents does allow parents to take photos and videos during, but not limited to, parent watch days, performances and shows.