Dancer/Parent Contract

Apr 16, 2024 08:39 AM

Attendance is a crucial part of your child's growth and development in dance and art. Attendance will be taken and noted during each class. If you have an emergency, please contact ABA, BEFORE class, not after, if possible. ABA will make an effort to be understanding with accommodating schedules, but the ultimate responsibility for attendance lies with the dancer and parent/guardian. All dancers must be picked up after class within 15 min. If a parent is going to be late, a call must be received. If consistent tardiness for pick up occurs, an alternate plan would be discussed to ensure tardiness doesn’t continue. Schedules will be discussed and posted in advance with holiday cancellation dates and other special events.
Due to the teaching format of each class, we prefer that parents do not to stay with their child. This ensures both the focus of each student and the learning environment to be the best possible.

As an ABA dancer you should display a professional working attitude during classes, preparations for performances, and to all other dancers. Group energy must be maintained – a positive atmosphere promotes growth. ABA is a family and it is fully expected that each individual within the company contributes to the group as a whole.
If there is a class available and arrangements are made. Only water is allowed in the studio. No food or sodas/juices allowed inside the studio space to keep the cleanliness of the studio.
If your child has to be removed from the studio, a written notice within 30 days has to be provided to the studio. There will be no fees refunded on any circumstances (ie recital, costume, tuition.) Credits can be assigned in extreme circumstances.

Dress Code
The proper attire should always be worn during classes. It is important that our students look the part for all dance classes and art classes. Jeans must never be worn during dance classes because it restricts movement, unless approved by the instructor. Smocks should be worn for each art class. If you are not properly dressed, you will be given a warning. If a child continues to come undressed they may be asked to observe class and forfeit participation.

Intro to Dance:
Purple Leotard
Dark tan convertible dance tights
Pink Ballet shoes

Purple Leotard
Dark tan convertible dance tights
Black Tap shoes

Black leotard
Dark tan convertible dance tights
Pink Ballet shoes

Hip Hop:
Black Dance leggings
ABA T-shirt

Ballet leotard
Dark tan convertible tights
black or purple biker shorts

Competition Team
Ballet leotard
Dark tan convertible tights
black or purple biker shorts

Visual Arts:
Artist smock
casual attire that may be stained

Adult Dance:
Black Comfortable workout or dance attire
no jeans

Public Relations
As a parent of ABA, signing this contract willingly grant full permission to A Brush of Art, LLC. to use, reproduce, publish, and exhibit your child’s name, image, and/or likeness in the production of still photographs and videos in connection with public service, public relations, education, and/or advertising activities. You are saying that you understand that you will not be paid for the use of your child’s name, image or likeness.

Performance/Competition Company
As a performance company dancer, all rehearsals, workshops, dress rehearsals and events are mandatory. If an event is missed, make up performances will not be scheduled.
A Dancer is required to take at least one ABA class to participate. A Dancer must come in proper attire and arrive on time in order to remain an active student to perform.
In order to perform at each scheduled event with ABA, dancers must not have more than 3 unexcused rehearsals leading up to that performance. Missed rehearsals ultimately effects dancers and team, as well as, this will ensure all choreography and blocking are as accurate as possible for events. Missing the very last rehearsal may result in your dancer sitting out of that performance.
If tuition or costume fees are not paid, dancer isn’t permitted to perform.

ABA Financial Obligations
Contribution to Fundraising: As a member of the company, it is not mandatory for you to commit to fundraising, but if you do choose to participate, you are required to turn in all monies or the product that is being sold on or before the due date. ABA will determine how the studio or individual dancers will benefit from proceeds earned.

Costume/Recital Fees: Fees will be taken care of by the parents/guardians of dancer. If involved in fundraising, participants will be charged for any additional costs for uniforms, headpieces or accessories, in the event there is a remaining balance. You will be given a costume fee due date once the final costs are determined. Once uniforms are ordered, no other uniforms will be ordered after this day to ensure uniforms are available for show date. Included in this price are the recital fees and most accessories that are needed. Parent/guardian is responsible for dance tights and shoes that are needed.

Inclement Weather
In the case of bad weather, you will be notified by way of preferred contact method supplied by ABA, if classes are cancelled. ABA will never operate if roads are dangerous or poses a threat to the safety of the dancers. In the event that a class is cancelled, make up days may be made up in another class. If you have any questions, contact ABA at 443-208-3511.

Disciplinary Action
In the event that ABA has a concern with a dancer, a meeting between ABA, the dancer, and any other party involved will be held. Depending on the severity of the issue, a warning will be given. Each dancer is allotted 2 warnings of the same issue within a 6 month period and/or three warnings of different issues within a 6 month period before the dancer is asked to sit down. The following will result in immediate dismissal: delinquent accounts, inappropriate behavior and destruction of studio or other student’s property.
*** As ABA would like every dancer to remain with the company, there are conflicts that do arise. ABA requires proper notification of any dancers that needs to quit for any reason. No explanation is needed. No refund of any class will be given once paid by dancer.