Updated Payment & Policies IMPORTANT

Apr 18, 2024 07:16 PM

___NO REFUNDS - Only credits for withdrawals or changes to registration after October 15th. NO EXCEPTIONS
This is a yearly fee - Ie: if you start in October or November and want to pay monthly, the yearly fee will be divided into the months you attend.
___A Late fee of $35 will be charged if your account is in arrears after the 3rd of the month without contacting the studio.
___If you pay in Full for the year and you withdraw, you will have a credit on account, no refunds. Please be sure you will stay for the full year commitment before you pay full year fees at 10% early bird off fees. 10% discount only available May-June 1st.
___Last day to withdraw is October 15th. Refund will not be given for classes completed. Payments will continue until June.
___Written Notice by email for any withdrawals or changes to schedules must be received by the office administration on or before October 31.
___No refunds for Costume fees and no costumes will be bought if you withdraw from yearly commitment.
___ All withdrawals are subject to a $50 administration fee.
___In case of serious illness or injury, tuition fees will be returned effective the date of a Physician’s note - not including any administration and previously charged class or costume fees
___Students who stop coming to class are NOT considered withdrawn and payments will continue to be charged and processed until the required Written Notice is received by email prior to October 31st.
___I will adhere to due care and attention respecting my child’s behaviour and safety in the parking area.
___I will stay informed and act upon ALL information provided by the Studio in its various forms (website/email/social media).
___It is my responsibility to be aware of dates made available by the Studio that affect my child
___Accounts left outstanding past 7 days will be charged a $40 administration fee.
___A $45 charge will apply to payments returned NSF.
___I have read and understand all the Payments Requirements and Policies of DanceFX on this and the next page.