Studio Waiver

Apr 18, 2024 07:30 PM

*No Costume Deposit Refunds for withdrawals
*No Costumes will be given to you if you withdrawal from Dance FX's yearly commitment.
*Classes are subject to change times or day due to enrolment
*No Refunds for Competition fees
Dance fees are a Yearly commitment, pay full year before June1st get 10% off, after June1st 5%
Fees can be paid in 1/2 yr, 1/4 yr or monthly for your convenience
*In case of serious injury, tuition fees if paid in advance will be returned effective the date of a physicians note is received
*IMPORTANT! You must stay informed with updated information available on private Dance FX facebook page - page info given when you register
*You must adhere to due care and attention respecting your child's behaviour and safety in the parking area