2022 DDA Health & Safety Waiver

Aug 17, 2022 02:36 AM

Dynamic Dance Academy/ Dynamic Angels Health & Safety Dance Waiver

Thank you for being a member/ Student of Dynamic Angels Dance Team/ Dynamic Dance Academy Classes for our Dance Season 8/ Session in 2022.We understand that there are still risks associated with Covid-19 and gatherings and will do all that we can to keep your family and our staff as safe as possible.

Please review the following listings of our Rules and Policies put in place to help keep your family and our staff safe during these unprecedented times. Please review & sign below.

I understand that I cannot hold the coaches, parent committee members, or other members of the dance team, accountable for my own health or my child’s health as I give my dancer consent to attend practice.

I understand that the staff has procedures in place such as Emergency Contacts, temperature checks, hand sanitizing, spacing when possible, and confidential informing of any possible exposure to ensure as much safety as possible for our dancers,

I understand that dance is a contact activity/ sport and that it is not always possible to distance.

I understand that for the safety of the team, should we have a possible exposure or risk of any kind, that practice will be canceled until there is no longer a risk to the team and staff.

I understand that if my family or I are exposed or have any symptoms/feel sick, even if we do not think it may be Covid-19 related, that we will stay home from practice until completely symptom-free and report symptoms or exposure to Coach Bre.

I understand that coach Bre will not share names with Coaches or Staff, but will inform the team members and parents of any situation, should we have a possible team exposure or need to stop practice.

By signing/ agreeing this waiver, I give my child permission to continue to rehearse with Dynamic Angels/ Dynamic Dance Academy Classes for the remainder of this 2021 Dance Season, while following State guidelines and practicing safe preventative measures.