Membership Agreements

May 27, 2022 10:48 PM

By signing up/registering, I understand and agree that anyone with access to my account/classes, including my children, must:
Follow all health, safety, and privacy protocols and policies of MUCAI Academy, whether written or verbal
Refrain from smoking inside or within 100 feet of the premises
Refrain from offering or giving any medications or drugs to any student who is not my own child
Refrain from attending MUCAI Academy classes and events while intoxicated and/or under the influence of recreational drugs
Refrain from sharing any login or class link information with anyone, other than the MUCAI Academy administrator who needs this information to help me with my account
Refrain from sharing any pricing information which is not posted on the website or shared via MUCAI Academy ads.
Refrain from looking up or sharing any personal information (including contact information) of other students, parents, teachers, and/or staff of MUCAI Academy.
Refrain from taking pictures of, recording, sharing (physically or digitally) any information, classes, costumes, set designs, or choreography of any students, parents, teachers, and/or staff of MUCAI Academy, without written permission from all individuals involved; even if shared on this portal.
Report any and all instances of abuse witnessed, via this portal or in studio.