WMS Waiver/Agreement 2020/2021

Oct 21, 2020 05:14 AM

IMPORTANT: The following information pertains to activities, student registration for Dance Season 2020/21.
In registering your dancer, this means you agree to all information provided below. We encourage your questions. Thank you! Your WMS Staff

You must be over the age of 18 to register for an account. I, as a parent of a dancer at West Main Studios, agree & acknowledge to all of the following:

Upon your decision to dance with West Main Studios, a Registration Fee of $50 will be charged. To register additional siblings, only $15 per child is charged. The dance year begins in August and runs until the end of May or the 1st or 2nd week in June, depending upon the end-of-season Recital date.

TUITION (Monthly/By Class):
West Main Studios DOES NOT prorate tuition. Tuition is divided by equal months and not by selective times of attendance for any reason. Prior to performances, extra rehearsals will be scheduled.

One Class $50 Six Classes $152
Two Classes $77 Seven Classes $167
Three Classes $102 Eight Classes $182
Four Classes $122 Nine Classes $197
Five Classes $137 Ten Classes $212

Payments are DUE on the 1st day of each month for classes during that month. A LATE CHARGE of $15 will be charged after the 5th day of the month if there is a balance on the account. You are required to be on AUTO-PAY for Tuition ONLY - Any other fees may be paid for via Checks, Cash or Credit Cards (fee to use credit card) are all accepted forms of payment. Upon registering for classes - DSP will prompt you to fill in the appropriate information. There are NO fees for ACH as it is free - however, Credit Cards have a 2.9% fee. You may pay in any form you wish until an account becomes over 60 days due at which time your ACH and/or Card information on file (held within the system of Dance Studio Pro) will be charged for the balance due. Returned check fees will be applied to your account. By setting up your account on auto-pay via your Dance Studio Pro Parent Portal Account this enables you to be in control of your dancers tuition/fees, etc. You will be emailed a login/password upon registration. There you will have access to your Personal WMS Parent/Dancer Account and may view all important items which are constantly updated via our DSP system.
Private lessons are available upon request. Please inquire at the studio office. ALSO, You may register online via our website: www.westmainstudios.com located under the Private Lesson Tab.

Studio Closings follow the Madison City School Calendar. All Holidays & Fall/Winter/Spring Breaks coincide with Madison City Schools. In addition, ALL weather related closings will do the same. If your class is cancelled due to weather, you may take another comparable class for a makeup. Please email us for comparable classes. Please Note: An extra waiver has been added to our Parent Portal: Covid-19 Guidelines & Procedures - you must read and agree to this as well. Know that we will have to follow the state of Alabama's issued mandates. We are doing everything within our power to keep us and your dancer safe and well.

You must check your email for important updates for your dancer. This is very important and is our major form of communication. These updates contain vital and pertinent information that you and your dancer need. If you are not receiving emails from WMS, please let the office staff know immediately so we may correct any problems. WMS also sends group texting in the form of important reminders, dates, etc. If you do not want to receive text, please tell us so we can remove your contact information.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT & STAGE ARTS - Leotard of Choice & Ballet Pink Tights; Ballet/Tap/ Jazz Shoes
PETITE Ballet I and UP/TECHNIQUE/POINTE - Black Leotard & Ballet Pink Tights; Ballet/Pointe shoes
JAZZ, all ages - Leotard or Fitted Sportswear Top & Boy Shorts/Leggings; Jazz Shoes
LYRICAL, all ages - Leotard & Boy Shorts/Leggings if desired; Toe Paws or Pirouettes
TAP, all ages - Leotard & Boy Shorts/Leggings if desired; Tap Shoes
ACRO, all ages - Leotard or Fitted Sportswear Top & Boy Shorts/Leggings; Bare Feet
** All dancewear, tights and shoes are available to purchase or order from the Studio office/store.

WMS has a Company Dance Team (Competitive Dance). Auditions are held in the spring of each year. Ages 6 & above are invited via invitation only. If you are interested in auditioning, please talk to your dance teacher or inquire at the Studio Office. It is suggested to thoroughly review all information before considering this as it is a commitment for a team.

Participation in the Christmas Show & Annual Recital Performances is MANDATORY for all students. The Dress Rehearsals are also MANDATORY. Missing a Dress Rehearsal means No Show Performance. Our schedule is set months in advance so please make sure that you mark your calendars.

Christmas Show 2020 -Dates -Monday, December 14th - Mandatory Dress Rehearsal Christmas Show 2020 Tuesday, December 15th - Christmas Show 2020 - Venue: Von Braun Civic Center - Concert Hall.
Recital 2021 - Dates - Monday, June 7th - Mandatory Dress Rehearsal and Tuesday, June 8th - 25th Annual Recital* Please note:
** All students in PETITE/Beginner/Level I Classes and UP will participate in BOTH performances. This mean that if you are in Level 1 and Above - you will be in BOTH Shows – those below with be in one show or the either – Announcements with class assignments are made in ample time for purchasing reserved seats for Shows. It is your responsibility to take note of this and to know and understand which show your Dancer will be performing in IF they are in ONE show only. Announcements are made early as to class assignments for each show. It is your responsibility to follow emails, etc. to know your child's show assignments as this will effect Ticket purchasing.

The Video Package Fee is $70 and DUE with Registration or by August 10th, 2020.
WMS will provide Video Links/Digital Copy for up to TWO shows of your dancer's performances. This means you will receive a Christmas Show (Christmas Show 2020) and EITHER A Matinee' or Evening Show (Recital 2021) - Your Choice. This will be sharable with friends and family. It will be a link that you may download, copy, share with friends and family and watch on any device, ie., phone, ipad, pc, etc… You will receive your digital link approximately two weeks after our shows. In order to offer this, ALL families are required to purchase this Video Package.

The Venue Christmas Show fee is $55 and DUE on September 1st, 2020.
The Venue Recital Fee is $55 and DUE on April 5th, 2021.
These fees assist with show costs to include facility rental, music editing, sound, lighting, tech crew and other production needs.


Christmas Dancewear Payments are DUE September 8th, 2020. ** If your costume/s are not paid for your dancer will not receive their costume/s. ALL Dancewear payments are Non-Refundable.

Two Year Old Class, Creative Movement, Stage Arts, Petite Level I - 1st costume is $50; all additional class costume fees are $20 each.

All other levels ABOVE Petite – 1st costume is $60; all additional class costume fees are $20 each.

Recital Costume Payments are DUE November 2nd, 2020. ** If your costume/s are not paid for your dancer will not receive their costume/s. ALL Costume Payments are Non-Refundable.

TWO YEAR OLD Class 1 costume @ $70
Creative Movement / Stage Arts Acro & Jazz 1 costume @ $75
Creative Movement/Stage Arts Ballet/Tap 2 Costumes @ $75 EACH**
PETITE Level I 1 costume @ $80
LEVEL II & JUNIOR III 1 costume @ $86
LEVEL IV, V, TEEN & SENIOR 1 costume @ $89
ADULTS Purchase on Own

If required for the class, ballet pink tights/tan tights/fishnets will be charged to each dancer’s account to be worn in the Christmas Show & Recital pictures as well as during the Christmas Show & Recital Performances.

Designated shoes must be purchased/worn. Most dancers will already own these shoes except in special cases, like the Hip Hop Class, for which a specific shoe will be required to be purchased.

Occasionally, props for a performance may be required at a minimal cost and will be charged to your dancer’s account.

Tickets will go on sale prior to the Performances. You will receive an email to notify you of the date. Plan to order early through the Dance Studio Pro Parent Portal for the best seats. If you would like your dancer/s to sit with you during part of the performance, you will need to purchase a ticket for your dancer/s as well. All seats are reserved seating regardless of age.

PICTURES FOR RECITAL & CHRISTMAS PROGRAM BOOKS (Mandatory Participation / Optional Purchase):
A Group picture and individual pictures will be taken. You may purchase photos for yourself if you so choose. Picture dates will be announced. Dates subject to change. This seasons dates will soon be announced soon after the start of our Season 2020/21. You will receive an exact schedule of when to be there for your dancer's pictures in Show Dancewear or Recital Costume. Tentative Dates are as follows:
* October 24th/25th - Christmas Show 2020 - Photo Days (Exact Schedule TBA)
* November 9th - Photo Sales Day @ WMS Christmas Show 2020
* April17th & 18th Recital 2021 - Photo Days - 25th Annual Recital Pictures
* May 5th, 2021- Recital 2021 Photo Sales Day @ Studio 4 to 8pm

Program Books, Ads for the Program Books, T-Shirts, Pictures, Video or Video Links, Flowers, Concessions, etc., will be available for purchase prior to and at the time of the Christmas Show and Recital Performances.

An excessive amount of absences from weekly classes could mean the dancer will not be able to perform in the Christmas Show or Recital Performances, due to the dancer not knowing the choreography. Please make every effort to have exceptional attendance so your dancer will be able to learn and improve. Special circumstances are decided on a case by case basis by the Teacher/Director.

Any dancer may be dismissed from West Main Studios at any time due to non-payment, unsatisfactory conduct or attitude by the dancer and/or parent/s at the sole discretion of the Owner/Director. No refunds will be given.

Non-attendance does NOT mean you have dropped your classes and/or withdrawn from Studio Dance. If you wish to withdraw, you must fill out a form 30 days prior to your withdrawal date. This form can be picked up from the Studio Office. You may also do this on our website: www.westmainstudios.com Your account will continue to be charged through the 30 days and you will owe that amount as part of your contractual agreement. ALL COSTUME/FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

In the event that your balance is referred to an attorney for collection, you agree to pay reasonable attorney’s fees. You agree to all statements in this handbook by your child’s participation in class.

  
I understand and agree that in participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal or performance, there is an inherent risk of physical injury. I voluntarily agree, therefore, to assume all risks and responsibility for any such injury or accident, which might occur to me or my child during any of West Main Studios classes, rehearsals, performances or activities. I also exempt, release and indemnify West Main Studios, its owners, agents, volunteers, assistants, contractors, employees, guest artists, faculty members, and/or students from any and all liability claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever from any damage, loss, injury or death to me, my children, or property which may arise out of or in connection with participation in any classes or activities conducted by West Main Studios. I further hereby voluntarily agree to waive my rights and that of my heirs and assigns to hold West Main Studios, its owners, agents, volunteers, assistants, contractors, employees, guest artists, faculty members, and/or students liable for such damage, loss or injury. I understand that my child dancer/s and I should be aware of our physical limitations and agree not to exceed them. If I am signing this waiver for my child/ren, I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian and have the right to waive these rights.

  
Parent Signature __________________________________________________

Permission is granted to West Main Studios to use photographs of students for publicity purposes.

I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the above statement.
As a member of West Main Studios dance, as a parent of the dancer/s, we agree to abide by the West Main Studios Dance Registration Agreement including all Rules, Requirements, Tuition/Fees, Attendance and Dismissal Policies as stated in this agreement. Upon Submission of my registration, I am in agreement with all above terms and conditions.

Online Registrants agree to all of the above by accepting this waiver for 2020/2021.

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