WMS Summer Camps 2020

Oct 21, 2020 06:15 AM

Waiver of Liability - Summer Camps 2020 - West Main Studios
I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of
do hereby give permission for the aforementioned
persons to participate in any and all classes,
programs, shows, and events offered by or
attended by West Main Studios School of Dance.
I hereby accept all risks associated with that
participation and understand that there is a full
possibility of physical illness or injury. I hereby
covenant not to sue and waive, release and
forever discharge any and all rights and claims for
damages, which may arise now or in the future
against WMS and its owners, officers, directors,
employees, and/or other assigned representative
or volunteers from any and all liability and for any
and all damages and/or injuries which may be
sustained or suffered by the dancer(s) listed
above while participating at or for WMS. Summer Camps tuition is non-refundable.
Furthermore, I hereby give my permission to
WMS to use photography. By Checking the box provided, I agree to the above.