Dress Code Policy

Dec 10, 2023 11:48 PM

Please take some time to review our studio Dress Code Policy. Our studio is geared toward the serious dancers and requires a full commitment and compliance with our standards and policies, which are practiced throughout the dance industry.

In the Key of Dance has a strict uniform policy regarding dance attire. All students must be properly dressed, neat, and clean at all times. Not wearing proper attire and shoes can lead to injuries if the teacher cannot see or fix proper alignment & posture. SAFETY FIRST!! NO EXCEPTIONS!! If they are sent without dance attire or not properly dressed, dancers will be required to sit and take notes to not miss class happenings. NO leg warmers during instruction, no sweat pants, SOLID BLACK shorts (are permitted for Jazz, Tap. & Modern Classes), no head coverings (allowed if for religious purposes), no leotards other than the required class code leotards, and no jackets allowed. For students safety, students (no matter of age or size) must not walk around in public (outside of the studio/theater) dressed only in leotards and tights! Students in ALL levels are to enter and leave the building in a complete cover-up: dress, jeans, tee-shirt, shorts, and street shoes (not dance shoes). **No Gum Chewing allowed during class**


Jewelry is dangerous while dancing, and should not be worn during class or performances. Students are encouraged to leave all jewelry, such as bracelets, watches (smart watches as well), rings, & necklaces off and preferably left home while receiving dance instruction. In the Key of Dance takes NO responsibility for any lost or stolen items (including electronics). Only stud earrings are allowed in class.


Nails must be trimmed for all students. Long and/or fake nails has posed safety hazards to oneself and other students during instruction. Clear nail polish only on fingers and toes are permitted during performances, photo shoots, and productions. Nude (must match nail bed) polish is okay. No nail designs and accessories.


In the Key of Dance requires that all female students wear skin tone transitional tights (due to other genre’s that may require bare feet). This will prevent a break in the visual “line” from the top of their head to the tip of their toes. Ballet shoes should be CANVAS (Not Leather) skin toned as well. Can be purchased from the studio as well.


Hair must be neat and pulled back out of the face in a bun, puff, for all classes. Braids are not preferred but okay for class as long as it can fit in a secured bun. This prevents the distraction of slapping of the hair in face of oneself and others during instruction. Female students must wear their hair swept back and up in a secured high bun for all major performances. Braids are not preferred but accepted for local outside community performances and dance engagements as long as the thickness of the braids allot a SECURED high bun THAT DOES NOT MOVE!!! NO EXCEPTIONS! No distracting loud colored hair such as yellow, orange, blue, pink, etc. for performances. This could cause the dancer to not perform (No refunds are given for unfollowed rules).

Male students must wear their hair neat. Long hair must be secured back away from the face with little to no facial hair. Unkept twist or loud colors such as yellow, orange, blue, pink, etc. for performances are not allowed. This could cause the dancer to not perform (No refunds are given for unfollowed rules).

Panties should not be worn. Tights are the replacement of panties and must be worn at all times. If panties must be worn for their time of the month, the color should be skin tone or black, no designs or loud colored boy short panties are allowed. All will distract the lines. Students that are not properly dressed will be dismissed from class or performances. (No refunds are given for unfollowed rules).


Please refer to online store on website for your dancer (Each class is color coded).
INCORRECT LEOTARDS, HOLES OR STAINS ON TIGHTS OR LEOTARDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON ANY BRANDING OF THE STUDIO such as website, social media platforms, flyers, brochures, shows, performances or promo videos. No Exceptions.

Policy can be downloaded from website.

I understand that my dancer must come to class properly dressed with hair appropriate for dance class.