Studio Policies/Procedures

Jun 14, 2024 10:48 PM

I give permission for my child to be photographed and/or videotaped by On Pointe Dance Center for On Pointe Dance Center educational and promotional purposes.

I will keep a current e-mail and phone number on file.

I understand that all payments are non-refundable. For August-June "Fall" dance seasons, I understand that I am responsible for tuition until I come in and fill out a withdrawal form at On Pointe Dance Center before the 25th of the month prior. I understand there is a $25 drop fee if after the 25th. I understand monthly billing statements are not mailed. I understand that if there is a balance on my account after the 15th of the month my child may be automatically withdrawn from season classes. In order to register again, another registration fee will be due. Failure to keep my tuition current may result in my child not being allowed to participate in classes, rehearsals, or performances. On Pointe Dance Center reserves the right to use the service of a collection agency or similar institution if account is past due. If collection and/or litigation become necessary I understand I will be liable for any and all collection, attorney, and court fees.

I understand that I must keep a credit card or check on file through the parent portal for August-June "Fall" seasons. I understand that my card or account will be charged on the due dates. I understand that if my payment does not go through and an in studio payment is not made by the “late date” my account will be charged again five days later along with a $10 late fee per item past due. I understand that if I would not like my card or account on file to be charged, I am required to pay before the due date.

For "Fall" season long classes, I am aware that the recital will be held either the first or second weekend in June with a mandatory dress/stage rehearsal. I understand I am responsible for reading all recital information.

I understand and agree that I have received the policies and procedures presented in the parent handbook. Parent handbooks are available in person at the studio and also found on the parent portal under “Shared Files” . I will abide by the rules and regulations of On Pointe Dance Center. I have verified that all of the above information that has been submitted to On Pointe Dance Center is correct.